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Trends come and go, and there are some we wish had never even existed. This is also the case for ski and winter fashion. These 4 fashion trends are more for smirking at rather than being worn...

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Winter is here! So bring us some tea!

The coldest time of year is upon us, and everyone around me is diligently starting to get their winter jackets and ski boots up from the cellar, buying ginger bread and putting winter tires on their cars (well, it really is time).

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10 Xmas Gift Tips

It is the same every year, Christmas comes around very quickly, and before you know it, it is the 25th of December! However, there is still time to write or to rewrite your letter to Father Christmas or to let our gift ideas for your friends and family inspire you.

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  • 28.11.2016
  • Judith S.
  • #Ski amadé World #Lifestyle #Fitness & Health

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