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Skiområdet Hauser Kaibling er indgangen til det sammenhængende skiområde Schladming med de 4 bjerge! Det alsidige udbud af velpræparerede skipister i Hauser Kaibling området begejstrer både store og små. Skiløb i Haus im Ennstal, kun 10 minutter fra Schladming, på det højeste punkt i det sammenhængende 4-bjerge-skiområde!



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Skiløb ved Hauser-Kaibling

Den perfekte start på ren skiglæde: Med de gode parkeringsforhold, byder Hauser Kaibling også på den ideelle start på en dag på ski i Schladmings sammenhængende 4-bjerge-skiområde! For anden gang har det moderne skisportsområde nu modtaget prisen som "Bedste skiområde i Europa 2013", hvor området fik max. point for snesikkerhed, perfekt præparerede pister og de 14 traditionelle hytter - alle med servering. Fra det højeste punkt i Schladmings sammenhængende 4-bjerge-skiområde, 2.015 meter over havet, kan du nyde en fantastisk udsigt! En "oplevelsesø" med gratis Wi-Fi inviterer til afslapning før og efter de skønne pister.

På Hauser Kaibling bliver din dag på ski til en sand fornøjelse.


  • Europæisk testvinder for bedste skiområde 2013 & 2010, Steiermarks kvalitetsmærke for bedste pister
  • 2 pister, direkte til og fra parkeringspladserne
  • Skøn udsigt fra 2.015 meters højde - det højeste punkt i Schladmings sammenhængende skiområde med de 4 bjerge
  • Enestående "oplevelsesø" med 360 graders panoramaudsigt
  • Audi Kinderland på Kaiblingalm



Hauser Kaibling Bergbahnen
Erzherzog-Johann-Str. 180
8967 Haus im Ennstal

+43 3686 30300

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Hauser Kaibling 242, 8967 Haus im Ennstal telefon +43 3686 2121 website   /   E-mail Detaljer

The 'Stöcklhütte' features a very tasty, fast, and hearty cuisine. The hut at an altitude of 1.250 metres above sea level is reachable by car, and seen that, even evening events can be organised. Groups are welcome on request!


  • Homemade blueberry-schmarrn
  • Homemade cheese dumpling soup
  • Kids-Highlight: Every kids' dish comes with a little surprise!

Taxi Maxi

Schulgasse 616, 8970 Schladming telefon +43 3687 22222 website   /   E-mail

Taxi Thaler

Sonnenweg 224, 8970 Schladming telefon +43 664 5362150 E-mail

Tradition of Snow - Skishow Haus im Ennstal/Hauser Kaibling

Schlossplatz 47, 8967 Haus im Ennstal telefon +43 3686 2234   /   fax +43 3686 22344 website   /   E-mail Detaljer

The ski show "Tradition of Snow" takes place on Mondays from 20:15 h at the finish area Hauser Kaibling!

The programme

The nostalgic skiers and the ski & snowboard school Haus im Ennstal present in one hour the development of Alpine skiing during the past decades. Also participating is Franz Maier-Watzinger, our popular ski-bob athlete. The impressive snow groomers, a motocross athlete, paragliders, sleighs and the "Zipfelbob" girls add to the programme. The absolute highlight, however, are the "Slope-Stylers" who show how ski sports will look like in the future with their frontflips, backflips & more. You are welcome to join the snow-bar of the Haus im Ennstal ski & snowboard school to keep warm with hot drinks. Siegfried Steiner will accompany you through the programme.

opening times: On mondays, on special dates!

Cross-country trails in Haus

8967 Haus im Ennstal telefon +43 (0) 3686 22 34   /   fax +43 (0) 3686 22 34 4 website   /   E-mail Detaljer

Cross-country skiing

According to snow and weather conditions, you can choose from a great offer of cross-country trails. Along the river Enns or the "Dörferlanglaufloipe" Haus-Aich-Pruggern, the " Kufsteinloipe" in Weißenbach, or the "Sonnenloipe" in Birnberg, both classic and skating runners will enjoy it to the full.

Photo Copy: Steiermark Tourismus

opening times: During the winter, if the snow conditions does it allow!

Tandem flights - Tandem paragliding

Moosheim 113, 8962 Gröbming telefon +43-3685-22 3333   /   fax +43-699-12 33 22 11 website   /   E-mail Detaljer

Tandem flights - Tandem paragliding

Be a passenger on a tandem paraglider. One great experience, an uncomplicated adventure!

Welcome to the Sky Club Austria

It is our own enthusiasm for paragliding that makes our Sky Club what it is. Come and see, you too will be thrilled.

From December to March, we offer fantastic tandem passenger flights from the Hauser Kaibling! You start your flight from the highest peak of the Schladming interlinked four mountains in the ski area Ski amadé.

To start the adventure, it takes only a few steps to set up the paraglider, a short sprint, and you take off and feel free. Your pilot is an experienced flight instructor and tandem pilot. 

opening times: Winter & Summer

Taxi Steve

Ramsauerstraße 756, 8970 Schladming telefon +43 3687 22855 oder +43 664 4342742 E-mail

Taxi Tom

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Wm Taxi

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Dean's Museum, Haus im Ennstal

8967 fax !4d website Detaljer
The museum in the Zehent Granary, built in 1490, tells part of the history of the upper Ennstal valley: sacral art and culture. opening times: Main season: Wed. 7.30 - 9.00 p.m., Thurs. and Sun. 10.00 - 12.00 a.m.