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  • Best facilities and slopes for kids in Ski amadé

    Helping Your Child Cope With Ski Sickness

    Skiing is a great winter activity for adults and children alike. However, certain factors, such as ski sickness, can put a damper on all the fun. Research from the Sports Medicine Research Center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences...
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  • The first turns on the skis for the little ones

    Have you ever posed the question, what is the best way and either sooner or later, for children to learn how to ski? It is the dream of all ski enthusiasts to be able to share this fun with their kids on the slopes and to be able to spend ski days...
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    Fun at the best facilities and slopes for kids in Ski amadé
  • Get your kids ready, as it is time to go to see Wagraini up on the mountain!

    Every ski resort in Ski amadé has its certain special appeal for various requirements and needs. If we look at it through the eyes of the little ones, Mum and Dad would soon see that they would find it in the Wagrainis Winter World skiing paradise....
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  • A short trip to the Caribbean

    Hooray, it’s the weekend! Have a lie in.... Wrong! Today, apart from the usual wake up call of our little one, I have another good reason to get out of bed. We are taking our Mini-me up onto the slopes for the first time. He is not quite ready to...
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  • Kids just wanna have fun

    “Daddy, let’s ski through the woods!“ Just recently our grandparents came to visit us and enjoyed skiing on the slopes in the surrounding area of St. Johann, just as they have always done. Sighing, I watched my offspring as they shot off the...
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  • Mini's Week in Gastein

    Yippee! I’m back from paternity leave and our little one is here; I can finally call myself daddy Mike! Our son was born at the end of last year and my board has been stored in our cellar since then. I’ve been concentrating on family life and my...
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  • 5 tips for a pleasant day’s skiing with toddlers

    Warm clothing is the most important thing of all. Fingers and toes get cold quickest. It is best always to follow the weather forecast. If there is talk of sub-zero temperatures, it is sensible, for example, to have the kids wear two pairs of...
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  • Goldegg – Small, but excellent!

    1,2,3 is all you need, really! There are two drag lifts in Goldegg (Buchberg 1 and Buchberg 2), whereby one of these is the connecting lift to the other lift! Unfortunately, Buchberg 3, the third drag lift has probably been closed down permanently,...
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  • Viva Monte Popolo!

    I have no idea how someone comes up with such a name for a ski resort – however the quality is right up there! Eben in Pongau also dazzles with the “size“ of its facilities – four lifts, two of which are practice lifts for beginners.
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