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6 packing tips for your ski holidays

The ugly truth is: as a family, you always have a lot of luggage on a trip. Regardless of whether it's for a short trip or a whole week, packing for a ski holiday or a day of skiing remains the same in the end and it usually takes on almost the same extent! You need plenty of clothing stuff for in- and outdoor, as well as the equipment starting from skies over sticks and boots. Never forget your snacks (might me the most important one 😊)

Here are my 6 hacks, how to keep an overview of your packing / storing / travelling mess:

1. A textile bag for everyone

Let’s start to pack the indoor items. Every textile bag should be strictly separated for each family member.

If you pack properly there might be enough space to bring your cuddle toy or favorite minigame on the journey. Furthermore, it’s easy to store such kind of bags in your car, as they are form flexible.

I personally store these bags in the top tip, listed next.

2. The iconic allrounder – a blue plastic bag with yellow zippers

Ikea – if you don’t need furniture, you come along for the bags :D

Almost every household has at least one of these practical Ikea top sellers, right? These bags are highly beloved and proven in our family. On arrival it might be used for indoor clothing and after a skiing day eventually for bulky outdoor clothes.

Even if the ski suits, gloves or hats are wet after a day of skiing, or even if there is still snow on them, they can be stowed in the blue plastic bag – no more puddle alarm in the car and no foggy car windows any longer.

3. 2 blue bags without zippers

The smaller sister of the iconic allrounder bag suits perfectly for our boots and helmets. Especially after skiing (with snow covered boots) they are totally practically. I recommend to prepack the helmets and ski goggles into another protecting covers to prevent scratches.

4. Roof box

Even if it’s not an eye-catcher, I classify it as a really useful travel companion. In this box, the skis and sticks can be stored easily also in wet or snow-covered conditions and so the interior of the car remains dry. The aluminum snow shovel with the yellow handle is also a useful item to scoop snow hills. In addition, there is also plenty of space for sliding sheets and small shovels for playing in the snow.

5. Small backpack

The sanctuary for every excursion is filled with:

  • first aid pack
  • sunscreen
  • granola bars, pretzel sticks and candies (sometimes you need a motivation and power booster)
  • water and/or a small thermos bottle filled with hot tea
  • a second pair of gloves for the children
  • thin loop scarves and balaclavas are must-haves

6. Most comfortable final – thick socks for the car ride

It happens sometimes that children suffer from cold feets. Honestly -> mummies too 😊
Grandma's warm, knitted socks are the best way to help. Cozily wrapped and treated with pretzel sticks and raisins (to prevent stains), water and a music player to listen to stories or music, you can make your way home or to the hotel.

Already packed? 😊

Beate Erlmoser

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