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Gin and Flying high…

We recently enjoyed one of the Ski amadé - Made My Day Packages, “Taking off in Badgastein“, which was given as a birthday present. True to the motto, the early bird catches the untouched slopes; we all met up early in the morning, even before the gondolas opened for the ski guests, for an ...

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An outstanding day of adventure: Ski amadé - Made my Day!

Friday, 6.30am, and the alarm went off. I admit, initially I wanted to turn over and carry on sleeping. However then I remembered why I had set this early morning alarm: an experience day in Ski amadé - Made my Day! To be more exact a “Link to Heaven Day“ – in the truest sense of the word.

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  • 23.03.2018
  • Lisa S.
  • #Ski amadé World #Lifestyle

Wiener vs. Frankfurter

This is a meal served in almost every Austrian alpine hut, more of a snack, it’s great for a quick stop and a bit of fuel to carry on the day with. An Austrian guest will order a pair of ‘Frankfurter’s” whereas a German guest will order “Wiener Würstchen” or ‘Viennese sausages’. Do ...

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