Ski Amadé – Made my Day – Reload Dorfgastein

As much as I love skiing with my family, sometimes I need to reload just by myself. Today is one of those days. After taking an enormous breakfast after my kids went to school, I find myself in Dorfgastein. Ready to reload in the astonishing beauty of the Ski amadé mountains.

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  • 22.02.2018
  • Maike Meermann
  • #Ski amadé World #Fitness & Health #Lifestyle

The ultimate skiing position

There are a few different styles of skiing, from sliding short turns to longer carving turns. The most important bit is getting the “basic alpine position” right.

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Back protectors for the perfect skiing fun

As relaxing and fun as the sport of skiing for many people is – one should never forget, that every kind of sport carries a certain amount of risk. Especially on the run down the slope, where high speeds are achieved and a fall could have fatal consequences. For this reason, you should never be ...

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