What really does taste better up on the mountain – My top 8 :-)

Every time I go skiing, I always look forward to the tasty Austrian dishes that are served in the mountain huts. Of course, it is more about the great runs down, but just as it is in love, skiing also goes through the stomach and after some great turns then there is nothing better than taking a short break in a mountain hut. :)

There are plenty of huts in Ski amadé – I could not possibly visit them all in one winter season. So, I have just have to try a few things here and there. There are simply so many tasty things. And it is right – some dishes simply taste better up on the mountain. I have no idea why that is, it is probably the same reason why tomato juice tastes better in an aeroplane. Or who has tomato juice in the fridge at home? ;)

You will probably recognise one or two of the dishes, which you probably never attempt at home – exactly – because they definitely taste better up on the mountain.

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My favourite starter: Cheese dumpling soup

For me, this is the most characteristic Austrian soup speciality. One could also eat the dumplings with cabbage and without the soup, but for me, a strong beef broth has to be a part of it. Andi t is unbelievably tasty when it is cold outside and I want to warm up.

Another soup, but not as a starter: Tasty Goulash soup

Goulash soup is to winter, as snow is to Christmas. Everyone makes theirs a little bit different, and at one or another hut, the recipe is even a great secret, but for me it tastes best up on the mountain and is perfect when you are not so hungry. Served with some fresh farmer’s bread – mmmmh tasty!

The third soup: really – pea soup with sausages?

This soup is probably not at the top of everybody’s list, but you should really give this soup a try up on the mountain. I love it for lunch at the mountain hut and you are certain to find it on the menu at a selection of huts.

For something in-between – a proper ploughman’s lunch

Homemade always tastes great up on the mountain and with a ploughman’s lunch, the chances are quite high that it will be homemade. Smoked bacon, cheese, spreads – a ploughman’s lunch is always a surprise and once I start to eat, I simply cannot stop as everything tastes so good.

Gröstl – whether from Tyrol or from Salzburg…it always tastes great!

Who invented it? It does not really matter – the tyroler Gröstl is a simple, traditional dish and is very easy to make yourself. Fry some onions, bacon and potatoes, season according to taste and fry an egg and place it on top. Served in the pan, it is a feast for the eyes and the palate and tastes great in Salzburg too. ;)

My Highlight - Kasnockn

Hmm – let me think, how many words are there for Kasknocken? Käsespätzle, Kasspatzln, etc……but the “Pinzgauer Kasnockn“ are my favourite, actually after the recipe from my mother in law. I cannot tell you the exact ingredients – only this much – the cheese is the most important. You cannot go wrong with a tasty mountain cheese. Or simply enjoy it up on the hut, as there they always taste great. :)

Something sweet? There is always room for a Germknödel (steamed yeast dumpling)

So, what is actually in this yeast dumpling thing? As a child, I always worked my way slowly through to the gooey contents (plum jam). I have never made these huge dumplings myself, as it simply just tastes the best on the mountain. I like it best served with butter and poppy seed.

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And finally, a Kaiserschmarrn

The best thing would be to enjoy a Kaiserschmarrn, served in a giant pan, with friends. It can never be too sweet. Whether served with apple sauce or stewed plums (my favourite) - decorated with icing sugar, this sweet sin simply cannot be topped.

Now, I really am hungry. But I definitely cannot manage all that on one day, but I simply love the traditional cuisine and up on the mountain I am always hungrier than I am down in the valley. Have fun tasting. :)

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