Skiing is a sport and afterwards the best thing for your body and mind is to relax. Even as a child, I loved to peel off my damp clothes in the hallway and then hang them up in the living room, all neatly in a row on the radiator. After which it was time to warm myself up. There are various possibilities in which to celebrate the end of a day’s skiing. Here are my personal top 3 ways in which to warm yourself up after a long wintery day on the slopes:


1) 1) Simple and cosy: with a cup of fruit tea, grandmothers’ gingerbread and a woolly blanket on the couch.

After skiing, a steaming hot cup of tea and a cosy blanket, whilst enjoying gingerbread biscuits dunked in tea, really brings warmth back into those limbs. This really gives you the ultimate winter feeling! For those who do not have a grandmother who bakes gingerbread, can buy them ready made from the shop ;)


2) A warm, steaming bath:

If you are feeling frozen through after a long day in the fresh winter air, then an aromatic bath in your very own bathtub is really something beneficial. For those who do not have a herbal mixture at home, can very easily make one, from ingredients that can be found in most kitchens. For this, you can use common herbs such as lavender, camomile, rosemary, melissa or lime blossom. To sooth a cold, sage, marjoram and thyme are effective. And if you want to reenergise your tired body, then it is best to use peppermint or yarrow. Simply mix five to eight teaspoons of dried herbs or rather 2 large handfuls of fresh herbs with a litre of water and let it simmer for ten minutes. In addition, one can also add quarter of a litre of milk or whey to the mixture. Then simply add the homemade bath essence into the bath (temperature between 35 and 38 degrees) and.....enjoy!

My personal tip: whoever would like to really savour the winter, should open the window a jar whilst bathing. The wintery scent of the cold evening air mixed with the warm herbal bath makes for a “winter wonder bath.“

Wellness und den Ausblick auf die atemberaubende Bergwelt genießen in Gastein in Ski amadé.

3) Relaxation at the thermal spa:

Whoever would not like to while away the wintery evening at home, but would rather go somewhere, then I recommend an evening at one of the Ski amadé thermal spas or at one of the very smart spa areas in one of the hotels.

It is unbelievably relaxing to wallow in one of the warm pools at the thermal spas or to really calm down, whilst sweating it out in the sauna. All thermal spas in Ski amadé can be found here at: Thermal spas in Ski amadé

My personal advice: in the darkness of the evening, float on your back in one of the outdoor pools and count the stars. Relaxation guaranteed! And it is also romantic!

So, how do you want to spend your winter’s evening?


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