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Après Ski – Hauser Kaibling and Reiteralm

Freshly prepared slopes, bright blue skies, perfect carving turns, the best friends, Kaiserschmarr’n (chopped up pancakes) and Germknödel (steamed yeast pudding) in the sunshine at a ski hut.....this is how most people would describe the perfect ski day. But is something missing? That is right - ...

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  • 08.01.2019
  • Carina S.
  • #Ski amadé World #Food

Highlights from the local Christmas bakery

In the pre-Christmas period, there are not only tasty treats to be had, but also a few spillages, which I was able to experience at first hand together with friends a few days ago, so that meant: on with the apron and into the kitchen!

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Wiener vs. Frankfurter

This is a meal served in almost every Austrian alpine hut, more of a snack, it’s great for a quick stop and a bit of fuel to carry on the day with. An Austrian guest will order a pair of ‘Frankfurter’s” whereas a German guest will order “Wiener Würstchen” or ‘Viennese sausages’. Do ...

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Genious and regional. Meeting place of the sweet taste.

Those who like to travel probably already recognized, that the food tastes the best, if enjoyed near to it's country or even valley of origin. The partners of the ski amadé enjoyment initiative are located noteworthy near to it's purchaser's, so that the unspoilt taste is nearly a must try in Ski ...

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  • 12.11.2017
  • Judith S.
  • #Food #Ski amadé World #Lifestyle

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