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Après Ski – Hauser Kaibling and Reiteralm

© Reiteralm

Freshly prepared slopes, bright blue skies, perfect carving turns, the best friends, Kaiserschmarr’n (chopped up pancakes) and Germknödel (steamed yeast pudding) in the sunshine at a ski hut.....this is how most people would describe the perfect ski day. But is something missing? That is right - Après ski.. The perfect end to every ski day!

This time I have tried out the Après ski huts in Schladming-Dachstein, or more specifically in Hauser Kaibling and Reiteralm. What both of these ski areas offer in terms of Après ski and what it is all about, I will tell you about now.....

© Hauser Kaibling

Hauser Kaibling: Almarena

The Alm Arena is THE new Après Ski Highlight of the region Schladming-Dachstein. The hut, which was built in 2017 is located directly next to the bottom station of the Hauser Kaibling cable car lift. The Alm Arena has enough space for up to 1,500 guests and combines tradition with contemporary: music from pop songs to dance music, drinks from the classic Williams pear schnapps to cool drinks or culinary delights from Farmer donuts to burgers. The Alm Arena brings a Ski club atmosphere to the slopes. A visit to the Alm Arena is definitely worth it! :)

© Reiteralm

Hauser Kaibling: TOMiziel

This new attraction from the mountain guesthouse Scharfetter in the middle of the stunning mountains in the region of Schladming-Dachstein, which has been open since the winter season of 2018/19, also offers top class Après ski with a contemporary ambiance. The umbrella bar with a 360° panorama at 1,780 metres above sea level is definitely one of the Après ski highlights in Hauser Kaibling.

Also the Gumpenbar, Stoni’s Rauchkuchl, Platzhirsch or Knapplhütte come highly recommended if you are looking for some Après ski in Hauser Kaibling.

© Reiteralm

Reiteralm: Mühlstodl

The ski hut and Après Ski Bar MühlStodl was opened in the winter of 2017/18 and offers a cosy but modern ambiance. Also here, the classic Après ski hits have to be played.... hits such as “Mama Lauda“, “Hurra die Gams“, “Johnny Däpp“ and of course classics, such as “Joana“, “Schifoan“ and “das rote Pferd“ really get the party started in the ski huts. At the end of a ski day, the MühlStodl, located directly at the bottom station of the Reiteralm, invites you to come in and party. A stop off here is definitely worth it.

© Hochalm

Reiteralm: Hochalm

It is especially good to visit the Hochalm (very central location) with its Fassl bar for Après ski, on a sunny day. The Fassl bar with a neighbouring conservatory and umbrella entices all partygoers to celebrate at the Reiteralm.

Also the Lena Alm, the Almbar or the Herzerl Alm invite all party lovers for Après ski at their huts in Reiteralm.

Well, at least I do not have to decide on one of these huts for Après ski...the one or the other newly built huts is very enticing for the younger generation, with its modern ambiance and brings with it a very powerful atmosphere in these huts. And if we are honest....Aprés ski is simply a part of a ski day. ;)

I hope that I have been able to help you a little bit with making a decision and maybe you will finish off your next ski day in one of the Aprés ski huts in Reiteralm or in Hauser Kaibling.

“Hey, we want to see the polar bears (ohohohoho)...“ ;-)

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