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The Dachstein – Thrills on the peak of the glacier

It is my first ski day on the glacier and I am really excited. I have heard a lot about the Dachstein, but as we took the panorama gondola up, I shortly caught my breath. We could get a place on the “balcony“ and we had a stunning view even on the way up. I pulled my scarf up a bit further over my face and asked myself, what awaited me at the top of the summit.

The Skywalk started pretty much as soon as we got off the cable car

The viewing platform offers an incomparable mountain panorama and it was here that I first really realised, how high you really are up here. At 2700 metres above sea level, my fear of heights was really coming into play and I shuffled very carefully over the glass plate, which gives you another adrenalin kick. I quickly looked down and saw a 250m plummeting rock face…..I think I prefer the mountain panorama and there were even more dizzying attractions which awaited me.

For example, the suspension bridge

The weather was perfect and the view could not have been better. I held on tightly to the steel rope and enjoyed the impressions from the highest Austrian suspension bridge. Whoever would like to go to the ice palace has to conquer the bridge first, but this small thrill is absolutely worth it.

After the bridge, a quick photo was taken on the “step into nothingness“, behind me the next brave victims were already waiting. It is best to think about the fact afterwards that you are only walking on glass over an abyss. At that moment, I was simply impressed by the whole construction.

So now I had to duck my head quickly and already we were nearly through the small cave like entrance to the ice palace. Wow. It was really impressive what they have created here. We slid from one work of art to another and looked in awe at the sights of Europe made of ice.

To get back we had to go over the suspension bridge once again and then we put our skis on. I had almost forgotten that we were also here to ski, as I was so taken in by everything :D. The runs were short and punchy, the slopes were very well groomed and I am still amazed by the exceptional surroundings.

The wind was getting stronger and we decided to get a hot soup at the panorama restaurant. I then took the cable car down. However, experienced skiers can also take the Freeride route down.

For those who would like to experience something other than skiing is in exactly the right place on the Dachstein. Here, there is one highlight after the other and you can quite easily spend the whole day here. I, happily took the cable car down and was happy that I could finally tick off “skiing on a glacier“ :)

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