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Genious regional. Meeting place of the spicy taste.

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Those who like to travel has definitly experienced that food clearly tastes the best, when enjoining it in the place of origin. And the local producers and farmers in Ski amadé are definitly not that far away from our "enjoyment partners" (Partners of the culinary initiative, which have been porven by ski amadé), just as you could taste it. The products are purchaised by local producers and even some of the "enjoyment partners"  also sell their own made products.

The hosts are putting especially those products during the ski and wine enjoyment week into the limelight. This ski season it will take place from the 10th until the 17th of march 2018. During this week all 5 ski regions in ski amadé are under the motto "culinary and austrian wine enjoyment". Displayed market stalls and selcted austrian food and wine offers at the mountain huts will ensure an extraordinary ski experience. Do you want to know what is going on during this week, than have a look at our program


Underneath the snow cover there can be found a microcosmos, which reveals in the circle of seasons regional and unique delicacies. We are courious how the summer vacations of the farm animals in Ski amadé looks like so we stopped by:

When the snow is already melted from the slopes, it's time for the goats to go back on the fields. Also ducks and pigs are excited that they regained their freedom. Whereas the farmer is busy with mowing the pasture, the cows have already found back into the green, to the alpine pastures. Therefore the "Almabtrieb", which is the ceremonial driving down of the cattles from the mountain pastures into the valley in autumn, can become literally a fashion show of a different kind.

Every single ski region of all five in Ski amadé has its own delicacies, which we want to introduce to you:

Dine like a king! Alpine parmesan cheese, farmers’ mozzarella cheese, mountain cheese chocolate from confectionery Bauer, 100% regional veal sausage from Maria Alm and delicacies made from herbs from the mountain pastures: dumplings, spreads, juices and even creams.

In Gastein, pine cushions, schnapps and chocolates are manufactured from 300-year-old pine trees. Apart from mineral water, the organic wheat beer from the Schmaranz brewery is also a good thirst quencher.

Eggs, eggs, eggs - whilst a village full of chickens in Wagrain are laying one egg after the other, of course outdoors and organic, in Radstadt it smells suspiciously like “Radstädter cheese.“ And for all those that like game, the finest venison is served in the “Pongauer game gourmet region.“

Delicacies from Enns valley lamb, such as dried lamb sausages and the culinary regional symbol - Styrian cheese tastes best in the fresh air around Dachstein!

Here in the valley mountain pastures, sour cheese, hard cheese, soft cheese and cream cheese are produced made to a secret recipe! Furthermore, everything here is made into schnapps, as the valley provides: fruit, herbs and also pines. Do a tasting from hut to hut in the culinary region of the “Grossarler mountain farmers’ cheese.“

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