Gin and Flying high…


We recently enjoyed one of the Ski amadé - Made My Day Packages, “Taking off in Badgastein“, which was given as a birthday present. True to the motto, the early bird catches the untouched slopes, we all met up early in the morning, even before the gondolas opened for the ski guests, for an outstanding gourmet breakfast together.

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The various delicacies and, above all local produce, were an absolute dream. The location......left no wishes unfulfilled. At just about 2800 m, there was a short hike to the summit cross followed by a stop in a sheltered panorama hut at the “Kreuzkogel“ in Sportgastein, which has a stunning view over the surrounding mountains, which even stretched to the Großglockner on this sunny day.

After this substantial breakfast, we were already really looking forward to meeting our guide, Robert. Born and bred in Gastein, he first of all gave a short lesson on the avalanche transceiver and then showed us what Sportgastein had to offer. There are as many off-piste slopes here as there is sand on the beach. On every lift to the summit, you could think about the next line you would take down the next run and plan it fervently.

Of course time just flew by on such a crazy action-packed day. Luckily however, our day was not over yet. What awaited us next, after a short drive to the nearby old town of Gastein: Flying Waters.

A rope, which is stretched over the raging waterfall, allowed us to sit comfortably, but having said this flying quickly across. On the one side there is the imposing architecture to be seen and on the other side, there is quite a different view over the Gasteiner Tal valley and the Hohe Tauern mountains.

The icing on the cake……. One would think that was it, but no. After this eventful day, we topped it off by going to one of the best bars.

To Ginger & Gin. The really cool rooms, good music and the extremely friendly service are only three reasons why you should really go to this very special bar. As the name already reveals, there is gin - by the bucket load. Plus, they really took their time to pass on their know-how about their insider knowledge of distilling gin. And this is how we came not only to enjoy a uniquely tasting drink, but also learned something about how to successfully draw out various tastes.

What a Day! Cheers.

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