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Wiener vs. Frankfurter

This is a meal served in almost every Austrian alpine hut, more of a snack, it’s great for a quick stop and a bit of fuel to carry on the day with. An Austrian guest will order a pair of ‘Frankfurter’s” whereas a German guest will order “Wiener Würstchen” or ‘Viennese sausages’. Do ...

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The ultimate skiing position

There are a few different styles of skiing, from sliding short turns to longer carving turns. The most important bit is getting the “basic alpine position” right.

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5 tips for a pleasant day’s skiing with toddlers

Warm clothing is the most important thing of all. Fingers and toes get cold quickest. It is best always to follow the weather forecast. If there is talk of sub-zero temperatures, it is sensible, for example, to have the kids wear two pairs of gloves, one on top of the other.

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Cheese dumplings and wedding things

On the search for a secret recipe from a local mountain restaurant hut, I set off with my sister to Flachau! The “Gipfelstadl“ (which can also be reached from Wagrain), was our destination! I had heard that the cheese dumplings (Kaspressknödel) were especially good there and that there was an ...

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