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Cheeeeseeee – the best photo points in Ski amadé

You are having a perfect day in the mountains and would like a photo as a keepsake? Nearly everyone has a smart phone nowadays, but a selfie stick is not always at hand to ensure that you get everyone on the photo. Well, Ski amadé have come up with a solution to this problem and have put up extra ...

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Vegan and vegetarian on the mountain

Sayings, such as “you are eating my foods food“ are now a thing of the past, as nowadays a vegan/vegetarian way of life is the norm for many and that should not change when people go skiing. In small ski resorts, you might have to sometimes be happy with chips and salad, but that makes visiting ...

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The Dachstein – Thrills on the peak of the glacier

It is my first ski day on the glacier and I am really excited. I have heard a lot about the Dachstein, but as we took the panorama gondola up, I shortly caught my breath. We could get a place on the “balcony“ and we had a stunning view even on the way up. I pulled my scarf up a bit further over ...

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  • 12.03.2019
  • Kerstin
  • #Ski amadé World

The Best ways to travel to Ski amadé

Have you already decided upon a ski resort, booked some nice accommodation and now the only thing that is unsure is how you are going to get there? In order to make things a bit easier for you, I have been checking out the best travel possibilities to the Ski amadé regions and have gathered quite ...

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  • 12.12.2018
  • Kerstin
  • #Lifestyle #Ski amadé World

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