Facilities & pistes

Facilities & lifts in Radstadt / Altenmarkt

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  • red (intermediate)
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  • ski route
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  • open
Status # name type Artificially snowed
1 FIS-Hochbifang 1800m 339m
Übungslift Königslehen 300m 22m
6 FIS-Standard 3900m 680m
5 Familien-Abfahrt 3400m 712m
4 Ascher 1800m 440m
3 Hauber 600m 160m
2 Nössler 3900m 695m
Übungslift Fichtelland 800m 25m
9 WISBI - Strecke 150m 40m
Rodelbahn Königslehen 6000m 680m
Status Lift name type persons Valley Summit
8er Königslehenbahn I 8 858m 1234m
10er Hochbifangbahn I 10 881m 1561m
Kemahdhöhebahn 4 1143m 1555m
Hochbifangbahn II 4 1231m 1569m
ÜL Königslehen 1 850m 875m
ÜL Sonnenlift 1 1146m 1222m
ÜL Hochbifang 1 866m 916m
8er Königslehenbahn II 0 1234m 1571m

time of operation

Lift name time of operation
8er Königslehenbahn I
10er Hochbifangbahn I
Hochbifangbahn II
ÜL Königslehen
ÜL Sonnenlift
ÜL Hochbifang
8er Königslehenbahn II

The pistes are closed from 17.00 hrs – 08.00 hrs.
Skiing and /or walking on the pistes within this period is forbidden.
Contravening this prohibition releases the lift operator from any liability.

Data are constantly updated. No responsibility is accepted for completeness and accuracy.