In the best case scenario, you will experience the fantastic offer from Ski amadé live and up close. Great competitions frequently give you an opportunity to sample Austria's greatest ski paradise in a special way.

The most personal impressions from the piste

Ski amadé is also active on social media networks and will always keep you up to date, even away from the pistes. Here Ski amadé will not only share events and information regarding the pistes, but also news from the ski areas and the regions.

In addition to many competitions with attractive prizes, our video bloggers and fans frequently offer exciting insights into their day-to-day skiing and share this content on our YouTube channel.

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Gin and Flying high…

We recently enjoyed one of the Ski amadé - Made My Day Packages, “Taking off in Badgastein“, which was given as a birthday present. True to the motto, the early bird catches the untouched slopes; we all met up early in the morning, even before the gondolas opened for the ski guests, for an outstanding gourmet breakfast together.

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  • 28.03.2018
  • Jounes Weidacher
© Bergbahnen Wagrain
An outstanding day of adventure: Ski amadé - Made my Day!

Friday, 6.30am, and the alarm went off. I admit, initially I wanted to turn over and carry on sleeping. However then I remembered why I had set this early morning alarm: an experience day in Ski amadé - Made my Day! To be more exact a “Link to Heaven Day“ – in the truest sense of the word.

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  • 23.03.2018
  • Lisa S.
Yoga exercises for skiers and snowboarders: So you are fit for the slopes

Yoga on the slopes? But of course – for a successful day of skiing, then a short warm up is essential! With yoga, you sustain a powerful musculature and build up coordination skills, significantly boost your movability, and of course enhance your balance. There is no better way of protecting yourself against injuries – and with your circulation pumping; there is no chance of being freezing cold! Here we have 3 super yoga exercises for skiers and snowboarders:

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  • 16.03.2018
  • Gastbeitrag
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