In the best case scenario, you will experience the fantastic offer from Ski amadé live and up close. Great competitions frequently give you an opportunity to sample Austria's greatest ski paradise in a special way.

The most personal impressions from the piste

Ski amadé is also active on social media networks and will always keep you up to date, even away from the pistes. Here Ski amadé will not only share events and information regarding the pistes, but also news from the ski areas and the regions.

In addition to many competitions with attractive prizes, our video bloggers and fans frequently offer exciting insights into their day-to-day skiing and share this content on our YouTube channel.

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5 reasons why you should start your ski season now

Many of you are probably already standing in the starting gates like I am, and can hardly wait for the start of the season. On Saturday the time had already come, and we enjoyed the pleasure of glacier skiing on the Dachstein. For all of you who are undecided and late starters I have put together five convincing arguments for an immediate start to the season...

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  • 13.11.2017
  • Lisa S.
Genious and regional. Meeting place of the sweet taste.

Those who like to travel probably already recognized, that the food tastes the best, if enjoyed near to it's country or even valley of origin. The partners of the ski amadé enjoyment initiative are located noteworthy near to it's purchaser's, so that the unspoilt taste is nearly a must try in Ski amadé.

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  • 12.11.2017
  • Ski amadé
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Genious regional. Meeting place of the spicy taste.

Genious regional. Meeting place of the spicy taste. Insight into the summer vacations of the farm animals in ski amadé. When the snow is melted from the slopes, it's time for the goats to come back to the fields also ducks and pigs are excited to enjoy their regained freedom. Whereas the farmer is busy with mowing the field, also the cows found back into the green , at the mountain pastures.

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  • 12.11.2017
  • Ski amadé
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