Glitzernde Tiefschneeabfahrt und ein herrlicher Blick auf die Berge im Hintergrund.

Travelling by car

Ski amadé is easily accessible via the motorway from all directions. It is approximately two hours' drive from Munich and around four hours' drive from Vienna.

By car to Ski amadé

Route planner

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Route planner

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Traffic conditions

Please note

  • In Austria it is compulsory to display a motorway toll sticker (Vignette) on all motorways. Toll stickers can be purchased at rest stops and service stations
  • You are obliged to carry a warning vest for everyone in the car
  • There are some additional charges for tunnels and tolls (e.g. Tauern Tunnel, Gleinalm Tunnel, etc.)

Description of the journey

Approaching from the North

You can reach Ski amadé directly by taking the Munich - Salzburg motorway and then the Tauern motorway or via the "kleine Deutsche Eck" (taking the B21 through Germany past Bad Reichenhall).

Approaching from the East

You can reach Ski amadé via the West motorway (A1).

Approaching from the South

When approaching from the direction of Graz, you will reach Ski amadé via the Phyrn motorway and Ennstal, and when coming from the South from Carinthia, Italy or Slovenia, via the Tauern motorway