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Schladming Dachstein


Schladming, and the associated holiday villages of Rohrmoos-Untertal and Pichl-Preungg - a small corner of the world where a balance has been created between unspoiled Styrian warmth and kindness and a feel for untouched natural scenery and attractive, modern facilities.


Holidays in Schladming

Even in summer, Schladming has some unforgettable holiday delights and leisure activities on offer. These range from gentle walks, extended hikes and real mountain tours to challenging climbs.
Biking enthusiasts will be at home on the valley's endless cycle paths while others bike through the mountains and those who like it extreme can get their kicks on the World Cup tested downhill routes on the famous Planai.

An outstanding area that has produced national champions and European championship medal winners.
Rarely are there as many modes of transport as you can discover and experience here amid the magical scenery - air, horseback, wild water etc. And to let all that holiday excitement "settle" a little, spend a day of fun, games, sport and relaxation at Pichl swimming lake.



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