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Ski amadé simply has more to offer. With unbelievable event highlights over the whole season, a ski experience for all the senses and diverse winter activities, including off the slopes, we can guarantee that no-one will be bored here. From the indulgent Skiing & Wine Enjoyment package with fine wines and delicacies to unbelievable action in one of the outstanding snow parks, there is something for every taste here.
Ski amadé: Experience the action

Experience the action in Ski amadé

Endless ski experience in Ski amadé in guanranteed.

Ski amadé makes the Alps echo with sensational events. Concerts featuring international stars and fantastic highlights from the Ski and Snowboard World Cup impress true fans time and time again. 

With the ski experience for all the senses, skiing enthusiasts can experience nature in an entirely new way. Many attractions to see, feel, smell, hear and taste are waiting to be discovered by skiers.

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