Maria Alm

Na savršeno pripremljenim stazama u Maria Almaus
nauživajte se skijanja i daskanja na snijegu koliko Vas je volja. Ovdje gore na vrhu doživljaja uživajte u zimskom suncu, prhkom snijegu i mirisu carskog drobljenca koji domaćin kolibe svježe priprema.


Maria Alm

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Skijanje u Maria Alm - Hochkönig

Za vrijeme obiteljskog zimovanja i skijanja osjećaj slobode Vaš je vjerni pratioc. Zbog odmora u planinskim visinama svaki osjećaj bit će pojačan zahvaljujući čarobnom pogledu, raznovrsnoj ponudi staza, svjetlucavim padinama u dubokom snijegu, modernim žičarama i srdačnoj gostoljubivosti.
Skijaška staza Königstour ne pruža samo najljepši panoramski pogled, nego Vas upoznaje sa čitavim skijaškim područjem u samo jednom danu: 35 kilometra staze i 7.500 metara uspona čekaju da ih osvojite.

Očekujte bajkovitu čaroliju na 120 kilometara skijaške staze pred veličanstvenom kulisom Hochköniga i drevne kolibe u kojima će Vas razmaziti regionalnim i s ljubavlju pripremljenim specijalitetima.

  • Funslope Schönhanger – još više radosti pri skijanju s obitelji
  • drevne kolibe u kojima se kuha s ljubavlju
  • noćno skijanje na Simmerliftln
  • vidikovci koji aktiviraju svih 5 osjetila
  • fotografije uživo iz mjesta Maria Alm


Aberg-Hinterthal Bergbahnen AG
Hochkönigstr. 8
5761 Maria Alm

+43 6584 7301

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Kreidenbachweg 5, 5761 Maria Alm telefon +43 (0) 6584 84 14 website   /   E-mail

Austria Transfer

Stubnergasse 8, 5630 Bad Hofgastein telefon +43 (0) 6432 / 66 22 & +43 (0) 699 / 166 266 05 website   /   E-mail Detalji

Low-Cost Transfer from Munich or Salzburg Airport to the ski resorts from Ski amadé.


Bad Gastein, Bad Hofgastein, Dorfgastein

Eben, Flachau, St. Johann, Wagrain-Kleinarl



Berggasthof Hinterreit

Schattberg 14, 5761 Maria Alm telefon +43 664 4122034 website   /   E-mail Detalji

Looking for the ideal spot for your winter or summer holiday? The fantastic countryside around our newly-refurbished Berggasthof Hinterreit provides the perfect setting for sporting and leisureactivities of all kinds.

Sit back and relax on our delightful sun terrace or inone of our cosy, traditional dining-rooms where we serve delicious local dishes made using produce from our own farm.

And you may even find yourself rubbing shoulders with famous ski stars, many of whom come to us in search ofwell-earned peace and relaxation at the end of a long training session.

Cross-country trails Maria Alm

Maria Alm Detalji
A total of 30 kms of perfectly prepared trails with different degrees of difficulty are at your disposal. From beginners, to skaters, and even for experts.

Funslope Schönanger

Hochkönigstraße 8, 5761 Maria Alm telefon +43 6584 7301 website   /   E-mail Detalji

Located directly at the top station of the Schönangerbahn chairlift, this eye-catcher starts off with a banked run. It is up to everyone to decide whether they want to have a fast or a slow run on this track: once you’ve passed the banked run, you’ll pass by a high 5 Jib which you can strike to gain an extra motivational push. After a well, you have left the first part of the slope behind, but this shouldn’t be an excuse to pause for breath because you are not at all done yet. The second and considerably longer part is equipped with a line of waves, small jumps, banked runs and other elements like a butter box. The gigantic fun-twister that leads to a tunnel adds an extra kick to your run while the wind chimes provide for the background music.

Alpin-, und Skischule Maria Alm

telefon +43 664 4411206 website   /   E-mail Detalji

With the right technique makes especially the sophisticated skiing more fun! As a certified ski instructor and longtime trainer these conditions are given on my part. The trainings are carried out in private groups. Optimal training ground and training times increase the success. Permanent video and motion analysis bring a noticeable increase in performance and driving pleasure. The systematic Fumble on the own limit is every time again a surprise!

Beginnerspark Natrun

Hochkönigstraße 8, 5761 Maria Alm telefon +43 6584 7301 E-mail Detalji

A small park for beginners direclty in the village centre.

  • Straight box (3m)
  • Kicker (2m Flat)
  • Rainbow box (3m)
  • Mogul run

Tthe steep curves and obstacles along the ski cross track at Natrun lift promise variety on the slopes.

Bogenparcours Jufen

5761 Maria Alm telefon +43 676 5279655 website   /   E-mail Detalji

In 3-D archery course you strengthen your stamina, muscle and concentration and test your skill with a bow and arrow. Participation in a course is recommend (by appointment only).

Eastersearch along the Königstour

Hochkönigstraße 8, 5761 Maria Alm telefon +43 6584 7301 website   /   E-mail Detalji

The guest is king. Even at Easter. And especially in the Hochkönig region. Because the Easter Bunny is with us on the slopes. The Hochkönig ski area has agreed an exclusive contract with the children loving long-eared bat.

Guest Kindergarten

Maria Alm telefon +43 6584 2119 website   /   E-mail Detalji

Is your child still too young for a ski course? Is your child injured, needs a break from skiing or simply does not want to ski one day?

Leave your child in our Guest Kindergarten, which offers a varied day for your child while you can enjoy the slopes in peace!

For children from 2 years - no skiing!
Pedagogic child-minders can be booked hourly, half-hours and for a full day

Radno vrijeme: Sunday to Friday: from 9.30 am - 3.30 pm
Closed on Saturdays