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Ski & Golf Competition

Ski amadé Panorama

Beste oriëntatie met alle pistes en liften in Ski amadé. Alles in één oogopslag!
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Often imitated, but never duplicated

The mix of ski racing and golf tournament, combined with good fun and a casual atmosphere, along with the event´s long history, make the Ski & Golf Competition hosted by Gastein Golf Club the most rich in tradition and most important of its kind.

In solidarity with over 100 ski & golf fans, and to mark the 50th anniversary of this event from April, 16th to 18, 2021 numerous celebrities from the Austrian Alpine World Cup Team will once again be lined up at the start.

After all, it really is special when you combine winter and summer sport in a single competition, something made possible by the unique geographic location of Gastein Valley: In Sportgastein, at an elevation of 2700 meters, even in springtime there is still plenty of snow on the ground for a giant slalom, while down in the valley, the fairways have already been mown nice and short, just waiting for those perfectly placed drives.


16/04 - 18/04/2021