Schlossalm & Stubnerkogel

Domeniul schiabil Schlossalm
– Valea Anger - Stubnerkogel este cel mai mare domeniu schiabil din Valea Gastein.


Schlossalm & Stubnerkogel

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Schi pe Stubnerkogel

Domeniul Schlossalm – Valea Anger - Stubnerkogel este cel mai mare domeniu schiabil din Valea Gastein, ajungând de la 860 - 2.300 m altitudine. Coborâri cu peste 1.000 m diferență de nivel promit diversitate pe pârtiile conectate perfect cu ajutorul telescaunelor și telecabinelor moderne.

Pentru începători recomandăm zona de exerciții în centrul pentru schi Valea Anger, în apropiere de Bad Hofgastein. Aici copiii și începătorii învață în joacă să schieze.
Schiorii experimentați adoră pârtia Hohe Scharte Nord, cu 10,4 km lungime și 1.440 m diferență de nivel, una dintre cele mai lungi coborâri din Alpii de Est.


Gasteiner Bergbahnen AG
Bundesstraße 567
5630 Bad Hofgastein

+43 6432 6455

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Gatz Music Club

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A large bar and lounge offer the perfect background to enjoy an Augustiner (this is recommended by locals as THE remedy for aching limbs). You can also hear the wonderful stories of other people’s day in the mountains. There is also a pool table and table tennis here.

Orar: daily from 16:00 to 22:00


Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Str. 38, 5640 Bad Gastein telefon +43 650 260 02 15 detalii

Bad Gasteins smallest and craziest Austrian afterskibar. Draft your own beer on the table and have the best after ski party with live music of your life.

Orar: daily from 15:00 to 02:00

Almstadl - Disco

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Hotel Norica

Bar Leoni

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Orar: Opened daily in winter season


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If this bar didn’t already exist, you would have to invent it. This is where things really get going, and keep going until the early morning hours. Because the bar always makes sure to heat things up for the partying public and to conjure up a special atmosphere with live acts by international artists, DJs, or hot theme parties.

Orar: Winter season: Mo - We 15:30 - 02:00
Thu - Sun 15:30 - 03:00


Grillparzer Straße 14, 5640 Bad Gastein telefon +43 650 2600215 detalii

Enjoy a cup of Segafredo coffee or rock to the live music at the apres-ski the friendly staff serves great fresh pizzas and fresh salads for the best price. Play a game of darts or follow one of the exciting football matches between top European teams broadcast on “Sky”. The Revolution offers a wide selection of beers (Guinness, London Pride, Heineken, Hoegaarden etc.). Pizza also take away.

Orar: daily from 18:00
Sunday & Monday closed!

Tanzcafe Glocknerkeller

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closed on Sunday

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Thursday closed!


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Disco-Music with DJ at Aprés ski or different events like Captain Morgen Party, Ibiza-, Mafia or Pirate party. In winter season dialy live music!

Orar: winter season: opened dialy
summer season: on request