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Salzburger Sportwelt

Concediu. Munți. Tu.
Lumea fascinantă a munților, farmecul natural al celor 8 localități și un amestec reușit între coborâri de Cupă Mondială, piste generoase de carving sau schi de plăcere, pârtii mai mici pentru familii, parcuri pentru freestyle și snowboard. Nu există niciun motiv să vă mai doriți altceva.


Salzburger Sportwelt

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Detalii despre vreme

Schi în Salzburger Sportwelt

Salzburger Sportwelt se află chiar în inima domeniului schiabil Ski amadé, cel mai mare domeniu schiabil din Austria. Cei care vor să se bucure din plin de concediul de schi, pot alege aici din 270 de instalații de transport și telescaune. Salzburger Sportwelt cuprinde domenii de cupă mondială, precum Altenmarkt-Zauchensee sau Flachau, domeniul întins pe două văi, Wagrain, cu noua telecabină G-Link sau St. Johann-Alpendorf, și domeniile Radstadt-Altenmarkt, Filzmoos, Kleinarl sau Eben. 

Concediu la schi cu familia în Austria: în Salzburger Sportwelt este posibil! Indiferent dacă pe cont propriu sau cu ajutorul uneia din numeroasele școli de schi de aici, la noi, distracția este garantată.
Kickerline, railcombo, halfpipe – n-ați auzit niciodată de așa ceva? Copiii însă cu siguranță! În timp ce copiii se distrează în parcurile pentru snowboarding din Salzburger Sportwelt, vă puteți bucura de coborâri excelente. Distracție la schi pentru întreaga familie găsiți în Salzburger Sportwelt din Austria.


Salzburger Sportwelt

+43 6457 / 2929

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365 rezultate


Flachauerstraße 233, 5542 Flachau telefon +43 664 1312226 website   /   E-mail

Down Town & Showtown

Dorfstraße 130, 5542 Flachau telefon +43 664 3411214   /   fax !4d website   /   E-mail detalii

Downtown is always on the way - and directly in the center of Flachau. For those who can‘t get enough of the nightlife, it is the hot spot: bars and nightclubs in futuristic design, sparkling atmosphere with light and laser shows, go-go girls, showgirls, changing DJs and regular show programs. Have to go there.


Weberlandl 64, 5602 Wagrain telefon +43 6413 8500 website   /   E-mail


Zauchensee 28, 5541 Altenmarkt telefon +43 6452 4000   /   fax +43 6452 4085 website   /   E-mail detalii

The Fichtel country on Hochbifang in Altenmarkt
On the Altenmarkt side of the Radstadt / Altenmarkt there on Hochbifang a unique forest with very special trees. In this forest grow namely spruces with extraordinary abilities! Every year in winter the spruce throw their Fichtenzapfen on the forest floor, and from some of these pins there are formed small creatures that exist only in this forest in Altenmarkt: the Fichtel!

Franzl Alm

Moadörfl 70, 5602 Wagrain telefon +43 664 3014001   /   fax +43 6412 7293 9 website   /   E-mail

Dieselkino - Cinema

Bundesstraße 14, 5600 Sankt Johann im Pongau telefon +43 6412 41950 website detalii

Watch a hollywood blockbuster movie in one of the 5 modern cinema halls. On some days during the month, movies are played OV (original version). All other movies are in German (synchronized versions).

In addition to the cinema you can find an entertainment area with table football, airhockey, billiard or you can enjoy a drink and have dinner at one of the two restaurants/bars.

Orar: Open daily
Opening hours vary with movie program

Easypark Zauchensee

Zauchensee 28, 5541 Altenmarkt telefon +43 6452 4000   /   fax +43 6452 4085 website   /   E-mail detalii

The EASY-PARK (Skifreizeitpark) at Übungslift lake - a truly ingenious device for children and adolescents.
Here, the kids can try on the jumps, Slide Blatten, Rainbows etc. in various acrobatic exercises.

Family Park Rosskopf

Zauchensee 28, 5541 Altenmarkt telefon +43 6452 4000   /   fax +43 6452 4085 website   /   E-mail detalii

The Familypark Rosskopf in Zauchensee waits with creative set-up - ideal for small and tall rookies to improve the skills to know the snowpark lifestyle. The playground for shred-youngsters is easy reachable with the Rosskopfbahn. kickers for first airtime-experiences, spine and mushroom for jib-action, boxes and other highlights provide for much fun and adventure on two lines.

Fischi's Skischool

Am Hammerrain 340, 5542 Flachau telefon +43 664 2030 897 website   /   E-mail detalii
Christoph Fischbacher

Freeride at Shuttleberg

Höchweg 152, 5542, 5603 Flachau, Kleinarl telefon +43 6457 2072, +43 6418 275 website   /   E-mail detalii

Secured off-piste routes


On Shuttleberg Mountain there are some wonderful, secured and signposted off-piste routes.

For your enjoyment especially in fresh powder snow:

• Fürstwand Free Ride – access at the start of the Speed Course
• Powder Free Ride – left and right under the Powder Shuttle
• Champion Black Trail – the right-hand side behind the hayrick Vorderstuhl

Very challenges alternatives which require a good degree of fitness:

• Family Trail – the gully underneath the Family Shuttle
• Absolut Trail – the route under the Absolut Shuttle
• Champion Village Trail – the village descent to Kleinarl via Hinterstuhl