Maria Alm

Дайте волю чувствам на отлично подготовленных горнолыжных трассах Мария Альм, катаясь на горных лыжах и сноуборде. Насладитесь зимним солнцем, рыхлым снегом и ароматом кайзершмаррен, который для вас приготовит хозяин горной хижины, здесь наверху, на вершине чувств!


Maria Alm

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Горнолыжное катание в Мария Альм-Хохкёниг

Во время вашего семейного зимнего и горнолыжного отпуска ощущение свободы становится Вашим верным спутником. Отпуск на вершине эмоций – это сказочно красивые виды, большой выбор горнолыжных трасс, сияющие склоны с глубоким снегом, современные канатные дороги и щедрое гостеприимство. На маршруте Кёнигстур (Königstour) Вы не только посетите лучшие смотровые площадки, но и познакомитесь со всей горнолыжной областью всего за один день – 35 километра горнолыжных трасс и 7.500 метров высоты ждут своих покорителей.


Ощутите восторг, катаясь по 120 километрам горнолыжных трасс с видом на внушительный Хохкёниг и симпатичные горные хижины, где Вас побалуют заботливо приготовленными региональными вкусностями.

  • Фанслоп Шёнангер (Schönanger) – ещё больше веселья во время катания на горных лыжах всей семьёй
  • Самобытные хижины, где прекрасно готовят
  • Ночное катание на горных лыжах у подъёмника Зиммерлифт (Simmerllift)
  • Почувствовать каждую клеточку тела на впечатляющих смотровых площадках
  • Прямая видеотрансляция из Мария Альм


Aberg-Hinterthal Bergbahnen AG
Hochkönigstr. 8
5761 Maria Alm

+43 6584 7301
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Kreidenbachweg 5, 5761 Maria Alm tel. +43 (0) 6584 84 14 website   /   Электронная почта


5761 Maria Alm tel. +43 6582 73821

Steinbock Alm

Hochmais 13, 5761 Maria Alm tel. +43 6584 236 69 website   /   Электронная почта подробности

"The highest farmer's market in the Alps"

From the 17th March 2019, you will be able to sample and purchase tasty products from the market stands at the Steinbock Alm.

  • Ham
  • Oil and Vinegar (Home made)
  • Bread (Home made)
  • Herbs/Tea/Spices (Home made)
  • Cheese
  • Schnapps/Liqueres 
  • Home made doughnuts "Bauern- and Fleischkrapfen"


Skiing & Wine Enjoyment Week - 16th to 23rd March 2019

Culinary highlights during the Skiing & Wine Enjoyment Week:

  • Sunday, 17.03.2019: Roasted duck with parsnip / red cabbage / orangesauce served with one glas of "Zweigelt" from the winery Netzl - € 26,00
  • Monday, 18.03.2019: Duet from venisons with "Macairelaibchen" / turnips served with one glas of "Merlot" from the winery Setzer - € 26,00
  • Tuesday, 19.03.2019: "Oxtail-doghtnuts" with smocked "Kartoffelstampf" / parsley / port wine served with one glas of "Pinot Blanc Amadé Weiss" from the winery Prieler - € 19,00
  • Wednesday, 20.03.2019: Pink roasted cap of rump from the calf with horseradish / celeriac served with one glas of "Grüner Veltliner" from the winery Donabaum - € 19,00
  • Thursday, 21.03.2019: Piccata from the monkfish with pasta with tomatosauce / peas served with one glas of "Rosé" from the winery Setzer - € 24,00
  • Friday, 22.03.2019: "Lammkrone" from the "Tauern-lamb" with couscous / ratatouille served with one glas of "Blaufränkisch Amadé Rot" from the winery Kollwentz - € 25,00
  • Saturday, 23.03.2019: Pasta / trufflesauce served with one glas of "Chardonnay" from the winery Moser - € 23,00

Supporting programme during the Skiing & Wine Enjoyment Week:

  • Saturday, 16.03.2019: 12:30 Live-Music with the "Kuhboys"
  • Sunday, 17.03.2019: Skihüttenroas with the "Talberg Musi" and Highest Farmers Market
  • Thursday, 21.03.2019: Winetasting with the winery Krispel
  • Saturday, 23.03.2019: Live-Music with "The Strangers"


Culinary treats with regional delicacies:

You should definitely not miss out on the regional dishes of the Steinbock Alm menu.

TOM Mountain Cabin

Natrun 50, 5761 Maria Alm tel. +43 676 777 35 86 website подробности

Maybe that’s because there is no other cabin around Maria Alm, even around Salzburg, that has a pug as a mascot. But it might also be because of the way we run the cabin. In addition to a spectacular mountain panorama, here you will find a certain portion of good taste: modern architecture meets rustic alpine charm, the fizziness in the sundowner is especially made and the menu holds what an alpine cabin promises. However, those who expect a classic mountain cabin will be surprised – and that’s how we like it.


Skiing & Wine Enjoyment Week - 16th to 23rd March 2019

Regional dishes compared with great wines every day.

17th of March: "Schihüttenroas" with live music and the highest farmers market in the alps

  • Products from the Hatzbauern
  • Wine tasting with the winemakers
  • Hand-picked herbs from the "Kräuterbua"
  • Grandma Franzis Bauernkrapfen (doughnut)

22th of March: Gondel.Alm.Genuss.Dinner

  • Champagne reception in the valley with regional "Kosta" from the Hatzbauern
  • Menü in the gondola
  • Flying Dessert at the TOM Almhütte with live music
  • Wine tasting with the winemakers at the hut

23th of March - 31th of March: Craft Beer Week: daily changing dishes with craft beer

29th of March: Exklusive Craftbeer Party

  • Tasting with all breweries
  • Aftershowparty at the mountain
  • Live DJ and acts

30th of March: Craft Beer Festival

  • Live DJ and acts
  • Brew Age brewery
  • Sundowner with fingerfood


Bachwinkl 8b, 5761 Maria Alm tel. +43 6584 7807 website   /   Электронная почта подробности

"The highest farmer's market in the Alps"

from the 16th to the 23rd of March 2019, you will be able to sample and purchase regional products as ham, sausages, cheese, bread, marmelade and liquors from the market stands at the Wiesenstadl.


Skiing & Wine Enjoyment Week - 16th to 23rd March 2019

  • The whole week: Regional treats & wines
    Pinzgauer meals with wine from the winery Beyer and liquors from the distillery Grünegg.
  • 17th of March: Skihüttenroas and marketplace
    From 11 am: Traditional Schihüttenroas and farmers marketplace
  • 20th of March: Wine tasting with winery Beyer
    From 11 am: Joe and Julia Beyer are presenting their wines from Roseldorf Lower Austria.


Culinary treats with regional delicacies:

You should definitely not miss out on the regional dishes of the Wiesenstadl menu.

  • Pinzgauer "Kasnock´n": Home made quenelles and cheese from the regional diary factory „Pinzgau Milch aus Maishofen"
  • Blueberry "Kaiserschmarren": Kaiserschmarren made with Eggs by Fritzenwanker , milk by diary factory „Pinzgau Milch" and hand-picked blueberries from the local mountain the „Aberg“

Berggasthof Hinterreit

Schattberg 14, 5761 Maria Alm tel. +43 664 4122034 website   /   Электронная почта подробности

Looking for the ideal spot for your winter or summer holiday? The fantastic countryside around our newly-refurbished Berggasthof Hinterreit provides the perfect setting for sporting and leisureactivities of all kinds.

Sit back and relax on our delightful sun terrace or inone of our cosy, traditional dining-rooms where we serve delicious local dishes made using produce from our own farm.

And you may even find yourself rubbing shoulders with famous ski stars, many of whom come to us in search ofwell-earned peace and relaxation at the end of a long training session.


Jufen 10, 5761 Maria Alm tel. +43 6584 71 52 website   /   Электронная почта подробности

The way to the heart is through the stomach, and at the Jufenalm you can taste tradition! Our à-la-carte restaurant will spoil you with hearty and typically Austrian dishes that are prepared for you freshly, with plenty of passion, by using the best regional and seasonal produce. You can’t forget to have a delicious self-distilled schnapps to help you digest your meal though, of course!


Aberg 41, 5761 Maria Alm tel. +43 664 3928771 website   /   Электронная почта подробности

"The highest farmer's market in the Alps"

From the 16.03. to the 23.03.2018 you will be able to try local products and purchase these tasty products from local producers at the Tischler hut market stands.

Motto: Various meat of venison by Christian Haslbeck.

  • Ham
  • Sausages
  • Smoked products
  • venison
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Urslaustraße 7, 5761 Maria Alm tel. +43 (0) 6584 238 88 website   /   Электронная почта


5761 Maria Alm tel. +43 664 3535469 website   /   Электронная почта