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Ski amadé Panorama

Beste oriëntatie met alle pistes en liften in Ski amadé. Alles in één oogopslag!
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Nassfelder Almfest in Sportgastein

At the Nassfelder Almfest, the high plateau is transformed into a stage for joyous celebration

All of the area's mountain huts invite guests to join in the celebrations. Guests and locals alike enjoy music, dance and an array of mouthwatering foods.

Homemade Foods from the Hill Country
In the summer months, you should definitely plan a visit to Sportgastein. Especially during Almfest in August. At all huts in the area, they will be serving their guests drinks along with a delicious selection of homemade products. Bacon and cheese, butter and bread provide the energy boost you are looking for. Accompanied by a glass of buttermilk and a shot of home-distilled schnapps "to aid digestion". Treat yourself to "sinful" pastry desserts, as you discover the delectable wonders of Gastein cooking during Almfest.  


13/08/ - 14/08/2022
Schlossalm-Bad Hofgastein