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Ski amadé Panorama

Beste oriëntatie met alle pistes en liften in Ski amadé. Alles in één oogopslag!
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Traditional, hearty, entertaining & legendary: This promise already applies to the Flachau Dorfgaudi 2022!

For many music and party lovers, even far beyond the borders of Flachau, the Dorfgaudi is an important fixed point on the schedule. While the girls get their most beautiful dirndl dresses out of the closet for this event, it's time for the boys to get into the short leather pants. Here one notices again, traditional costume is totally in the trend.

As the name already clearly reveals, fun and great atmosphere are very important on these evenings in Flachau. The best musical entertainment and delicious culinary delicacies make the Dorfgaudi what it is. Namely incomparable and unique.


16/09/ - 17/09/2022
Dorfzelt am Alten Dorfplatz Flachau