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Schladming-Dachstein - Hauser Kaibling

Type Status Naam Aantal personen Dal Berg Bedrijfstijden
Hauser Kaiblingbahn 8er Gondelbahn 8 728m 1423m 09:00 - 17:00

8seater gondol lift Hauser Kaibling

This cable car offers quick access to the skiing fun and brings you, from 729 metres, up to 1,424 metres within 7 minutes.

More Information on www.hauser-kaibling.at!

Tauern Seilbahn 8 810m 1836m 08:00 - 16:30

Schladming Tauern gondola lift

This aerial tramway was the firs gondola lift in the Schladming-Dachstein region and it started operating in 1947. The current cable car was renoveted in 1960.

The gondola lift takes you from the village of Haus to an altitude of 1825 metres above sea level. At the middle station, you got to change gondolas, and up to the tower plateau you go!

Daily summer operation from the 25nd of May till the 15th of October 2017!
08:00 - 12:00 and 13:00 -16:45 o`clock!


More Information on www.hauser-kaibling.at!

Quattralpina (mit Bubbles) 4 1413m 1865m 09:15 - 16:30

Quattralpina 4-seater chairlift

The 4-seater chairlift with bubbles takes you up to the well-known tower plateau within 5 minutes, where you also find the relaxing 'Genussinsel - Pleasure Island'.

This chairlift also takes you to the ski run linking the Hauser Kaibling ski resort to the Planai and subsequently to the Hochwurzen and Reiteralm.

More Information on www.hauser-kaibling.at!

Kaibling 6er (mit Bubbles) 6 1268m 1844m 08:30 - 16:00

Kaibling 6seater chairlift

The moderne 6-seater chairlift with bubbles can carry 1,993 persons per hour, from an altitude of 1,268 metres to 1,844 metres above sea level.

More Information on www.hauser-kaibling.at!
Gipfelbahn (mit Bubbles) 4 1835m 2015m 08:45 - 15:45

Summit lift 4seater chairlift

The chairlift featuring orange weather protection bubbles and heated seats, brings skiers and snowboarder to the highest point of the Schladming interlinked 4 mountains within 2 minutes.

At an altitude of 2015 metres above sea level, a breathtaking panorama over the entire Ennstal valley down to Liezen awaits you.

More Information on www.hauser-kaibling.at!

Senderbahn (mit Bubbles) 4 1336m 1865m 08:30 - 16:00

Tower lift 4-seater chairlift 

The chairlift with bubbles is in the Gföhl-Tal valley and it connects the ski resorts Hauser Kaibling and Planai. With this ski lift, up to 1630 persons can be carried per hour.

More Information on www.hauser-kaibling.at!

Höfi-Express II (mit Bubbles) 4 1500m 1821m 08:45 - 16:00

Höfi-Express II 4-seater chairlift

From the top station of the Höfi-Express I, you swap over to quickly  to  the Höfi-Express II (with bubbles) at an altitude of 1821 metres above sea level. Up there again, numerous long ski runs are available.

More Information on www.hauser-kaibling.at!

Höfi-Express I (mit Bubbles) 4 1147m 1504m 08:30 - 16:00

Höfi-Express I 4-seater chairlift

The chairlift Höfi-Express I starts right beside the Natur- & Wellneshotel Höflehner on the Gumpenberg and brings you from 1147 metres to 1504 metres above sea level. This chairlift as well, features weather protection bubbles.

A unique feature of this lift is the fact, that you have a direct view of the deer park from the chairlift, observing the shy deer. If you are lucky, you might even watch while they are fed.

More Information on www.hauser-kaibling.at!

Almlift 6 1606m 1945m 08:45 - 15:45

Alm 6seater chairlift

The newest of our ski lifts features orange weather protection bubbles and heated seats. Ever since the 2011/2012 winter season, this chairlift is responsible for the pleasure of Hauser Kaibling guests. 2400 persons can be carried per hour.

At the top station at an altitude of 1945 metres above sea level, you find your perfect photo motive! From this spot, you have a perfect view of the Dachstein mountains and the Dachstein glacier.

More Information on www.hauser-kaibling.at!

Übungslift 2 1381m 1489m 08:45 - 16:00

Practice button lift

The practice lift beside the top station of the Hauser Kaibling 8-seater gondola lift. This button lift was set up for our little guests, beginners, and all those who need some refresher-runs.

More Information on www.hauser-kaibling.at!

Type Status # Naam besneeuwbaar Lengte Hoogteverschil Helling
2B Prenner-Talabfahrt (2B)
2B Skiweg Ennsling 300m

Alle Informationen unter www.hauser-kaibling.at

2D Blöckis Piste

Alle Informationen unter www.hauser-kaibling.at

9 Skiroute Osthang 700m 200m 30%

More Information on www.hauser-kaibling.at!

2C Wollis Piste

Alle Informationen unter www.hauser-kaibling.at

1B Skiweg Markt Haus 1000m 100m 10%

More Information on www.hauser-kaibling.at!

2 Ennslingalm-Abfahrt 3000m 450m 15%

More Information on www.hauser-kaibling.at!

3 Höfi-Abfahrt 3200m 670m 21%

More Information on www.hauser-kaibling.at!

3 Höfi-Abfahrt 500m 150m 32%

More Information on www.hauser-kaibling.at!

1 FIS-Abfahrt 3500m 600m 17%

More Information on www.hauser-kaibling.at!

3B Skiweg Seilbahn 900m 100m 11%

More Information on www.hauser-kaibling.at!

3C Skiweg Prenner-Talabfahrt 900m 100m 11%

More Information on www.hauser-kaibling.at!

2B Skiweg Prenner FIS 300m 30m 12%

Alle Informationen unter www.hauser-kaibling.at

3A Skiweg Höfi-Express 1700m 200m 12%

More Information on www.hauser-kaibling.at!

1A FIS-Talabfahrt 2700m 550m 21%

More Information on www.hauser-kaibling.at!

6 Die Schönste 4200m 420m 10%

More Information on www.hauser-kaibling.at!

9 Osthang 700m 200m

Alle Informationen unter www.hauser-kaibling.at

6A Skiweg Kaiblingalm 2700m 180m 7%

More Information on www.hauser-kaibling.at!

4 Weltcup-Abfahrt 4000m 600m 15%

More Information on www.hauser-kaibling.at!

4 Weltcup-Abfahrt 1000m 200m 20%

More Information on www.hauser-kaibling.at!

8 Kaiblingalm-Abfahrt 1500m 130m 9%

More Information on www.hauser-kaibling.at!

6 Die Schönste 1100m 200m 19%

More Information on www.hauser-kaibling.at!

7 Panorama-Abfahrt 550m 180m 35%

More Information on www.hauser-kaibling.at!

2A Prenner-Talabfahrt 3000m 630m 22%

More Information on www.hauser-kaibling.at!

Peak Experience at 2.015 meter sea level

In a few minutes only, the Hauser Kaibling ski lifts take you to the highest point of Schladming's four interlinked mountains at 2,015 metres.

Get to Hauser Kaibling's summit! With a level of 2,015 m, it is the highest point of Schladming's four interlinked mountains, offering gorgeous panoramic views across the Ennstal valley and the Dachstein mountains. Take some fun pictures with the pink sheep that awaits you on top!

Tip: sign the summit book!

XXL Funslope

The XXL Funslope with moguls, a tunnel, giant snail, speed booster, and even more, features the best of piste, snowpark, and cross, along fantastic 1,460 metres. The Hauser Kaibling XXL Funslope in one of Austria's longest of its kind, making for some fantastic ski fun for young skiers - and the young-at-heart, too!

Looking for some additional excitement? In 2016, we set up the XXL Funslope, and in summer 2018, we made it even longer. It now features a fabulous length of 1,460 metres, offering skiers and snowboarders of all levels some great variety. For the funslope, we combined well known piste, snowpark, and cross elements as well as steep turns, moguls, and small jumps. There are also non-snow elements to find along this new attraction, as the brand-new Slope Cop, a Speedbooster, a Hoop Race, a Low-Five Hand, a Sound High-Five Hand, as well as a Sound Slopy - which even measures your speed!

Once you’ve skied through the snow-tunnel and the giant snail – which has a shift in direction, and you’ve passed the final tunnel, it will be clear: one funslope run is not enough – you’ll have to do it again!

Location: Kaiblingalm Pist Nr. 8
More Infos: www.hauser-kaibling.at

Pleasure Island at 1.800 meter sea level

Take a break from carving and skiing and relax at the Genussinsel – Pleasure Island. At a level of 1,800 m, 360 degree panorama sun loungers invite you take it easy and enjoy a break beforehand, in between, or after your downhill runs. There are 50 places waiting to be filled. Take advantage of the possibility to share the great time you are having with your loved ones at home with the help of your mobile phone, internet, and free wifi.

Location: top station of the "Quattralpina" chairlift – tower plateau.

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