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Stå på ski i Großarltal! Perfekt præparerede pister helt frem til påske og sjove highlights på bjerget som 'Skikeriki', kæmpe sne-igloo, snowpark og børneområde.



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Skiløb i Großarldalen

Skisportsdestinationerne Großarl og Dorfgastein midt i det smukke bjerglandskab i nationalparken Hohe Tauern, lokker med perfekt præparerede pister, komfortable lifter og idyllisk natur.

Vær den første på pisten en tidlig morgen på 'Skikeriki' (morgenskiløb), hyggelig after ski, guidede vandreture med snesko, tourski og skønne præparerede pister og vintervandrestier. Se de direkte webcambilleder fra Grossarltal.


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Tourismusverband Großarltal

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Service fra A-Å

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Bergstraße 105, 5611 Großarl telefon +43 (0) 6414 / 500 website   /   E-mail

Hotel Auhof

Unterbergstraße 70, 5611 Großarl telefon +43 6414 8889 website   /   E-mail Detaljer

House guests, skiers and hikers are welcome at the cosy hotel restaurant at the 4-star Hotel Auhof! While the dining room with hotel bar is only for house guests, tourists and locals meet in the restaurant and bar. The popular restaurant in Großarl is located directly at the panorama cable car valley station. Put down your skis and enjoy regional and international specialties in an elegant country-style atmosphere daily from 11 am to 10 pm.



Wengeralm 1, 5632 Dorfgastein telefon +43 6433 7626 website   /   E-mail Detaljer

The Wengeralm is "the" restaurant at the mountain and definitly cosy. At the lounge a familial place will await our guests.

Skiing & Wine Enjoyment Week - 16th to 23rd March 2019

„Dumpling week meets Wein 3.0“
From the 16th to the 23rd of march 2019 it's all about dumpling and wine.
The whole week the guests will get spoilt with dumpling dishes in compination with austrian best wines - lbe ready for surprises.

Culinary treats with regional delicacies:

You should definitely not miss out on the regional dishes of the Wengeralm menu.

  • "Brettljause" wit beef and sausages by Hutegger from Bad Hofgastein and Urban from St. Johann im Pongau and also home made products.
  • Baked potatoes (Roman Schmidt from lower austria) classico wit salad from marchfeld


telefon 0043 (0)664 636 68 72 website


telefon 0043 (0)664 28 20 717 E-mail


Bergstraße 117, 5611 Großarl telefon +43 (0) 6414 / 8646 website   /   E-mail Detaljer

"The highest farmer's market in the Alps"

At the 17th, 18th, 19th, 22nd of March 2019, you will be able to sample and purchase tasty products from the market stands at the Gehwolfalm.

  • Bacon (selfmade)
  • Sausages (selfmade)
  • Bread (selfmade)
  • Honey (Stallerhof)
  • Cheese (Kreuzer Sheep's milk products)
  • Spreads (Kreuzer Sheep's milk products) 
  • Schnapps /Liqueures (Kreuzer Sheep's milk products, Stallerhof)

Moreover the Gehwoltalm offeres selfmade "Krapfen" (doughnuts) with traditional farmers markets dishes on their menue. 

Skiing & Wine Enjoyment Week - 16th to 23rd March 2019

  • Sunday, 17th: Honey specialities by Stallerhof from Hüttschlag
  • Tuesday, 18th: Specialities from the own farm & straw slippers by Lisi Gratz
  • Thursday, 19th: Wine tasting by winery Hindler
  • Friday, 20th: Sheep milk specialities by organic cheese diary Kreuzer
  • Saturday, 22nd: Arler natural cosmetics and bio beef by Gehwolfalm

Culinary treats with regional delicacies:

You should definitely not miss out on the regional dishes of the Gehwolfalm menu.

  • O-Power´s lentils soup with lamp from Großarltal (after a recipe from the award winning brothers Obauer in Werfen)
  • Bio beef steak of the own production 
  • Home made "Kaiserschmarrn" with „SalzburgLand“ alpine milk and eggs by Großarler Wandlehenhof


Unterberg 110, 5632 Dorfgastein fax +43 (0) 6433 70 77 website   /   E-mail


Bergstraße 106, 5611 Großarl telefon +43 (0) 6414 / 500 website   /   E-mail

Gipfelstadl Fulseck

telefon +43 (0)664 334 67 78 E-mail


Bergstraße 118, 5611 Großarl telefon +43 (0) 6414 / 365 website   /   E-mail