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The mountains are yours!

Freestyle and freeride are two kinds of sports, which could not be more different, but yet there is so much which brings both of these lifestyles together: The feeling of freedom, the power of nature, effortlessness, fresh air, outdoor fun and RIDE Ski amadé!! Freeriders can find numerous signposted backcountry lines in which to ski powder in all five of the Ski amadé regions. Beginners should make use of professional and local ski guides.

To start the freeride season perfectly

Tips and tricks for preparation

Preparing for freeriding requires both physical and organisational preparation in order to conquer the untouched slopes safely and successfully. Here are some tips and tricks to help you prepare for your freeride adventure.

Equipment: Make sure your equipment is in good condition. This includes skis or snowboard, bindings, airbag cartridge and safety equipment such as avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel.  Tip for the avalanche transceiver: Always put in new batteries before the start of winter. That way you'll be surprised by flat batteries the first time. 

Group dynamics: Freeriding in a group is safer. Make sure you and your companions know each other well, have communication systems and have discussed emergency scenarios.

Emergency: Before you set off on your freeride adventure, make sure you have the emergency numbers for police, ambulance and mountain rescue stored in your mobile phone.

First aid: It is advisable to keep your first aid skills up to date by taking refresher courses.

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Fitness: Work on your physical fitness to better cope with the rigours of freeriding. Exercises to strengthen your legs, core and endurance are particularly important.

Map apps: It is advisable to use map apps that work offline as they allow you to access maps in the field without internet access. This is especially important to familiarise yourself with the terrain of the ski area. For example, you can check the map the night before and include altitude differences, terrain, steepness and snow conditions in your tour planning.

EXPERT TIP: A valuable tip from experts regarding your equipment is to always pack two pairs of gloves and two hats, especially if they get soaked. Carrying a spare pair of goggles never hurts, especially in deep snow, and don't forget to pack spare lenses.

Safe Freeriding in Ski amadé

Safety First

If you go from the safety of the slopes to off-piste routes and downhill runs, you should not only have a very good command of your skis or snowboard, but should also have experience of skiing in open terrain.

Acquire the necessary know-how, for example with the help of avalanche and snow profile courses, to be able to enjoy your powder skiing fun as safely as possible. The right equipment is also essential for freeriding. Avalanche transceivers, shovels and other special equipment ensure maximum safety on ski routes and in the powder.

More about safe freeriding in Ski amadé

Over 25 freeride routes in the five regions of Ski amadé

Whether on the imposing Dachstein glacier, in the freeride eldorado of Gastein, with a view of the Hochkönig, in deep snow-covered Zauchensee, in Snow Space or in the Grossarl Valley - in Ski amadé there are over 25 marked freeride routes waiting to be discovered by you.

Facts for newcomers:

Freeride routes are often marked off-piste areas that have resulted from the course of former drag lifts or former pistes.

Hiring Freeride Equipment

Risk minimisation plays an important role off the slopes. So, powder fans beware, at all designated INTERSPORT Rent locations in Ski amadé you can reserve and rent your avalanche transceiver safety equipment by phone or directly in the shop. Rental of an avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel and freeride backpack (WITHOUT ABS).

The best thing would be to book your local Freeride guide at one of the specialised ski schools for the highest possible safety in the backcountry of Ski amadé.

Guides & ski guides

Do you want to stand on the highest peaks in the middle of a breathtaking mountain panorama and feel the freedom? Do you want to breathe in the fresh winter air before making your tracks across the snow-covered slopes?

Discover your own personal FreeRIDE experience with our guides!

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