Freestyler jumps with cross-positioned skis onto a metal device on which you can slide down
Freestyler jumps with cross-positioned skis onto a metal device on which you can slide down

RIDE Ski amadé


Ski amadé Panorama

Best orientation with the panorama with all slopes and lifts in Ski amadé. Everything at a glance!
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Top snowparks and a cool community

RIDE Ski amadé – that means more than snowparks, fun slopes and funcross in our five top winter sports regions

What sets us apart is the cool community that is moving even closer together despite the distance. This winter you can look forward to great snowpark and freestyle events with enough space so that everyone can be there live.

Stay in Shape – we look forward to seeing you!


Your ultimate playlist for the perfect freestyle moment on the snowy slopes! Bold tricks, pulsating beats and the unrivalled energy of the snowpark scene come together in an irresistible mix. Time to rock the park and take your tricks to the next level!

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Finding a favourite spot

Whether freeskiers or snowboarders: cool tricks and breathtaking heights make the youngsters' hearts beat faster. Ten optimally shaped snowparks offer the best conditions for this, just like the varied range of 13 fun slopes and funcross routes in Salzburg and Styria. More is more: Numerous marked freeride routes also make the experience perfect for freeriders.

It's time to ride – at the following spots in Ski amadé:

Freestyle through the five regions in Salzburg and Styria

Do you want to really flex while freestyling and freeriding on skis or a board? In Ski amadé nothing is easier than that! Your individual skills can best be polished in the various snowparks, funslopes and on funcross trails. What awaits you? A multitude of pipes, rails, boxes and kickers, perfectly prepared for spectacular jumps and easy slides. Watch out: you might even meet a star or two from the scene – not uncommon in the five top regions of Ski amadé!

Or do you want to take it easy? Then the funslopes and funcross parks are just the thing. As a hybrid between slope, snowpark and ski-cross, small jumps, waves, bridges, tunnels, spiraling turns and steep curves ensure varied action on the slope.

FreeRIDE Ski amadé - Your mountains!

Freestyle and freeride are two sports that couldn't be more different and yet the two lifestyles have so much in common: the feeling of freedom, the forces of nature, lightness, fresh air, outdoor fun and – RIDE Ski amadé!

For freeriders: countless signposted backcountry lines for fun in the powder in all five Ski amadé regions.
Tip: Beginners should rely on professional guides. Top safety equipment can also be rented at the rental points in the valley.

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