Modern ski lifts and perfect ski slopes in Ski amadé
Modern ski lifts and perfect ski slopes in Ski amadé


These are the winners

Ski amadé Panorama

Best orientation with the panorama with all slopes and lifts in Ski amadé. Everything at a glance!
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Here you will find all the winners of the current Ski amadé competitions

#myfirstskipic Challenge

The winners were determined by means of a raffle among all participants

1st Price: 1x 7 nights in a 4**** hotel with halfboard in Ski amadé, inclusive 6 day ski passes for 4 persons (self arrival) 

  • Patryk Frasz 

2nd Price: 5x Ski amadé Goodie Bags

  • Marie Madelène Bijlard
  • Stefan Gintenstorfer
  • Muriel Robbers
  • Lucie Veselá
  • Mark Tinke

3rd Price: 5x 2-day ski passes Ski amadé

  • Sandra Hetzenecker
  • Kacper Nazarewicz
  • Franziska Krengel
  • Tobias Ebner
  • Wendy Helmes

Atomic Competition

Big Christmas Special

We raffled a brand new ATOMIC REDSTER G9 and watch out, this ski is handsigned by MARCEL HIRSCHER himself.

We sincerely congratulate the lucky winner: Kusanitsch Max

Merry Quiz-Mas Show

  • Atomic Cap + Prime Skiing Abo: Sabrina Rieser
  • Atomic Cap + Prime Snowboard Abo: Michael Göthel
  • Blue Tomato T-Shirt + 2x 1-day skipass Ski amadé: Laura Flade
  • Atomic Backpack: Anneliese Rieser
  • Atomic Backpack: Christoph Magnus Kringel
  • Komperdell Protectors: Sonja Moser
  • 2x Blue Tomato Longsleeve Men + 2x Sound Everest Tickets: Gerald Oberauer
  • 2x Blue Tomato Longsleeve Weiß + 2x Sound Everest Tickets: Alfred Weber
  • Atomic Skibrille: Nicole Dinkel
  • Blue Tomato Hoodie Women + 2x Helene Fischer Tickets: Bernd Wimmer
  • Blue Tomato Hoodie Women + 2x Helene Fischer Tickets: Kathrin Stampf
  • Atomic Ski Bag: Christoph Hinterhauser
  • Atomic Ski Helmet Red: Fritz Rieser
  • Atomic Ski Helmet White: Manuela Oberbichler
  • Komperdell Ski Poles Family: Christoph Steigele
  • € 200,- Blue Tomato Voucher: Stefanie Geiger
  • € 200,- Blue Tomato Voucher: Alexander Lagger
  • Atomic Suitcase: Laura Smit
  • Atomic Ski Redster X9: Asher Smit

Season Kick Off 2019

Part III

2x Atomic Count 360° Stereo Red

  • Wolfgang Weisshaupt
  • Benjamin Griebl

2x Atomic Laptop Pack Black

  • Florian Eutert
  • Kathrin Stampf

2x Ski amadé Goodie Bag incl. 2-day ski passes

  • Bastian Büscher
  • Konstantin Schöggler

2x Ski amadé Seasonpass 2019/20

  • Stefan Pichler
  • Katharina Haberl

2x 2 Sound Everest Tickets Seiler + Speer & more...

  • Monika Rainer
  • Katharina Murauer

Season Kick Off 2019

Part II

2x Blue Tomato Slahs T-Shirt (Size L)

  • Christiane Rapberger
  • Sonja Weinlich

2x Atomic Alp Heather Cap

  • Viktor Pataki
  • Tobias Färber

2x Ski amadé Goodie Bag incl. 2-day ski passes

  • Caro Sedlmeier
  • Michelle Bürner

2x Ski amadé Seasonpass 2019/20

  • Lukas Aschenbrenner
  • Magdalena Steiner

2x 2 Tickets Bonez MC + Raf Camora live @Gastein

  • Lukas Buchner
  • IG: @da.vi_d_

Season Kick Off 2019

Part I

2x Blue Tomato Swallow Tail T-Shirt (Size M)

  • Ardi van Dijk-Klijn
  • Krume Dimov

2x Komperdell Poles Fatso Team Vario

  • Dicky Tooi
  • Lukas Lasinger

2x Blue Tomato Tiger Head Crew Socks

  • Jodie West
  • Arrigo Pagnotta

2x Ski amadé Seasonpass 2019/20

  • Peitler Christoph
  • Anna Ulrich

2x 2 Ski Opening Tickets live @Planai

  • Sarah Steininger
  • Viktoria Zloebl

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