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Síelés a Großarltal télisport-régióban. Tökéletesen karbantartott sípályák egészen húsvétig és olyan fénypontok, mint a „hajnali síelés”, az óriás jégkunyhó, hangulatos pihenőhelyek, hópark és gyermekrészleg.



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Skivakantie in het Großarltal

De wintersportplaatsen Großarl en Dorfgastein te midden van het prachtige berglandschap van het nationale park Hohe Tauern, bieden prima geprepareerde pistes, comfortabele liften en idyllische plekjes vol natuur en rust naast de pistes.

Geniet van de 'Skikeriki' voor vroege vogels, gezellige après-ski, georganiseerde sneeuwschoenwandeltochten, skitochten en uitstekende loipes en wandelpaden. Bekijk actuele webcam-beelden uit skigebied Großarltal.


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Nr. 126, 5612 Hüttschlag telefoon +43 (0) 6417 / 347

Angerer Alpin-+Ski School

Bergbahnstraße 42, 5632 Dorfgastein telefoon +43(0)664 20 29 793 website   /   E-mail Details

We offer:
* ski course for adults and children
* private and group lessons
* freeride courses
* ski tours
* ice climbing


Unterbergstraße 74, 5611 Großarl telefoon +43 (0) 6414 / 8635

Diskothek Kuhbar

Schulstraße 8, 5632 Dorfgastein telefoon 0664/4022835

Gehwolf Alm

Bergstraße 117, 5611 Großarl telefoon +43 (0) 6414 / 8646 website   /   E-mail Details

"The highest farmer's market in the Alps"

At the 11th, 13nd, 15th, 16th and 17th of March 2017, you will be able to sample and purchase tasty products from the market stands at the Gehwolf Alm.

  • Bacon 
  • Sausages 
  • Bread
  • Honey(Staller)
  • Cheese (Kreuzer Sheep's milk products)
  • Spreads (Kreuzer Sheep's milk products) 
  • Schnapps /Liqueures (Kreuzer Sheep's milk products, Staller)

Moreover the Gehwolt Alm offeres selfmade "Krapfen" (doughnuts) with special farmers markets dishes on their menue. 

Skiing & Wine Enjoyment Week - 10 to 17 March 2018

  • Sunday, 11th: Honey specialities by Stallerhof from Hüttschlag
  • Tuesday, 13th: Specialities from the own farm & straw slippers by Lisi Gratz
  • Thursday, 15th: Wine tasting by winery Hindler
  • Friday, 16th: Sheep milk specialities by organic cheese diary Kreuzer
  • Saturday, 17th: Arler natural cosmetics and bio beef by Gehwolfalm

Culinary treats with regional delicacies:

You should definitely not miss out on the regional dishes of the Gehwolf Alm menu.

  • O-Power´s lentils soup with lamp from Großarltal (after a recipe from the award winning brothers Obauer in Werfen)
  • Bio beef steak of the own production 
  • Home made "Kaiserschmarrn" with „SalzburgLand“ alpine milk and eggs by Großarler Wandlehenhof


Bergstraße 105, 5611 Großarl telefoon +43 (0) 6414 / 500 website   /   E-mail

Angerer Alpin-+Skischule GmbH

Bergbahnstraße 42, 5632 Dorfgastein telefoon +43(0)664 20 29 793 website   /   E-mail Details

We offer:
* ski course for adults and children
* private and group lessons
* freeride courses
* ski tours
* ice climbing

Cross-Country Skiing in Grossarltal

Großarltal telefoon +43 (0) 6414 / 281 website   /   E-mail Details

In Grossarl and Hüttschlag you can go cross country skiing on 25 km of tracked trails. For the most part, the trails in our region are tracked for classic as well as “skating” technique.

In Grossarl as well as Hüttschlag, there are cross-country trails lit up after dark on certain days. The ca. 2 km-long night trail in Grossarl is at the Reitwiese, open to skiers Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6 until 8:30 p.m. In Hüttschlag, there is a ca. 3 km-long floodlit trail next to the Aschaustüberl. This is available to all skiers on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 6 and 8:30 p.m.

GASTI-Club Dorfgastein

Dorfgastein Details

For Gasti Kids there are great price reductions in the whole valley in winter e.g.: at ski schools, ski rental,....

Großarl Parish Church

5611 Großarl website Details
Late baroque parish church, built in the years leading up to 1776, dedicated to St. Ulrich and St. Martin, large-scale restoration has taken place. Also worth seeing is the mountain graveyard, which is elaborately laid out in terrace form.