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Winter Sport and Sustainability

Hand in Hand

Ski amadé is not only Austria's greatest skiing with its 760 kilometres of slopes, 270 lifts and a unique variety of experiences. 

Ski amadé is much more than that: we are not a large international corporation, but a network of many family businesses. By working together, it means that tourism can function and our homeland can be constantly enhanced and developed. The interaction between our guests and the local people creates a closed loop from which everyone benefits. Jobs are created for the locals, through which we can offer our guests the very personal Ski amadé experience every year anew.

Besides perfectly groomed slopes, exceptional cuisine and everything a mountain sports enthusiast's heart desires, we also offer many sustainable features. We unite this social, ecological and economic sustainability under STAY Ski amadé which only works if everyone is on board.



Electric ski buses in the ski areas of Ski amadé

Environmental Certification: Good Travel Seal

Certified accommodation

Sustainability certification: Good Travel Seal for the Shuttleberg

Travelling here

1) Tip: Travel by public transport or use car sharing

Did you know that the choice of transport to and from a destination has the greatest impact on the holiday carbon footprint of the holiday?

  • Winter/summer holidays in Austria for Austrians by train/car = 3 to 21 kg CO2 per person/day 
  • Flight from Austria to Spain = 138 kg CO2 per person/day 
  • Flight from Austria to the Maldives = 426 kg CO2 per person/day 

Calculate your holiday now and support international projects, and thus sustainable development worldwide.

Here you can find the best way to get to your favourite Ski amadé ski area:

Time to charge up

Did you know that there are 83 charging stations for electric cars directly in the Ski amadé ski areas?
Here you can find e-charging stations for travelling to your favourite ski area by electric car.


Lifts & Facilities | Agriculture & Forestry

Together with the environment

  • Did you know that...

    ... 100% of the electricity used for the lifts in Ski amadé comes from renewable energy sources from “Salzburg AG” and “Energie Steiermark”?

    Some of the lift companies also obtain some of the energy they need from power plants directly from the village. Thermal pumps and solar systems are also used in the construction of new facilities.

    Schlossalmbahn lift NEW since 2018:
    Almost 90 % of the total energy demand for heating and hot water in the valley station area is generated by solar energy. The multifunctional lift building is equipped with solar panels for this purpose.

  • Did you know that...

    ... only meltwater, energy and cold may be used to create the perfect base for a high-quality slope. This we also stick too! 

  • Did you know that...

    ... snow can only be made when nature allows it – i.e. when the outside temperature is low enough?

    For this, exact weather forecasts are used to determine the perfect time to make snow. The water is taken from a depth of approx. 20 cm below the water surface because it is coldest there. This means that the water does not need to be unnecessarily cooled.

    In addition, 99% of the ski areas in Ski amadé use digital snow depth measurement via GPS. This way we know exactly how much snow there is and thus only as much is produced as is absolutely necessary, which saves water, energy and diesel.

  • Comparing a mouse to a giraffe

    An average northern giraffe is about four metres tall. An African dwarf mouse can also remain 4 centimetres small – resulting in a ratio of about one percent to the size of the giraffe. A gigantic comparison, isn't it? But why the comparison, especially since we are not in Africa, but in Austria?

    We want to dispel a myth here: you often hear that ski areas take up large areas and are getting bigger and bigger. Well, they don't take up more space in Ski amadé than a small dwarf mouse compared to a giraffe. Because the area of the Ski amadé ski resorts is on average only one percent of the total municipal area of the respective villages.

Did you know that...

... the lift companies are always accompanied by experts when building a new lift installation? So that we all comply with environmental conservation and sustainability measures. For example, reforestation projects and new habitats for local animals are constantly being created.


Flying Mozart NEW 2021:

  • Establishment of amphibian biotopes for common frogs, amphibians and other reptiles in order to offer them a species-appropriate habitat away from the storage ponds / pumping stations
  • Creation of larch willows / larch meadows, as they form a clear forest area, where more and more shrubs and bushes grow, which in turn form the food basis for a species-rich animal world = habitat improvement for capercaillie, black grouse and grouse and hazel grouse
  • Erection of several kilometers long amphibian protective fences to keep the animals away from the construction site months before the start of construction and thus to protect them.

Lärchkogelbahn NEW 2020:

  • Supplementary afforestation (compaction) with the aim of promoting the stone pine; 400 pieces of Swiss stone pine are reforested
  • Installation of a direct drive in the 8-seater chairlift = quiet for the environment and more energy-efficient
  • Integration of a PV system (photovoltaics) in the windbreak wall of the mountain station - this means that no external electricity is required for the basic supply in summer

Gabühelbahn lift NEW 2019:

  • Relocation of 35,000 amphibians to newly created replacement spawning waters
  • Maintenance of the newly created spawning grounds
  • Replacement afforestation of the Grinnkopf protection forest project, 12.6 hectares, project duration 8 years
  • Grouse support measures on 5.8 hectares of forest
  • Planting of 20 sycamores and 5 wild rowanberry trees
  • De-bushing measures in three ecologically valuable areas
  • Planting concept for areas with limited clearance and along the edge of the slopes

Sustainability certification: Good Travel Seal for the Shuttleberg:

  • As the first ski area in the world to have this sustainability certification specifically for small and medium-sized companies
  • They finished with 3 out of 3 stars and achieved a total of 94 out of 100 possible points
  • The certification covers many areas of sustainability. The most important contributions to the different subject areas are slopes, energy, purchasing, social contribution, recycling, employees, water and nature.


  • The conversion of the snow storage ponds into valuable biotopes created new habitats for amphibians and insects.
  • Targeted grazing of the moor areas extends the flowering period and at the same time avoids bush encroachment. This is good for biodiversity and allows farmers to continue using it.
  • Information boards in the area of ​​the new Panorama Link gondola provide information about grouse species such as wood grouse, black grouse and ptarmigan that live there.
  • The introduction of fir, larch and deciduous trees, as well as the erection of deadwood hedges as natural borders, turns commercial forest areas back into mixed forest, which is better able to cope with the climatic challenges.
    The Burton the Stash Park is a natural snow park made entirely of wood. The obstacles are perfectly integrated into nature, just like the entire park. Due to its location on a north-facing slope, this special snow park does not require artificial snowmaking and is not groomed with snow groomers. The obstacles were made of wood by hand.
    The organic mountain restaurant Lumberjack is the first certified organic ski and mountain hut in the Alps and the new retreat for flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans on the Shuttleberg. Organized in the form of a food hall, only organic products from the immediate vicinity and according to a clear concept of origin are eaten and drunk here.


2) Tip: Book your holiday in one of our eco-certified accommodations

© Ski amadé

Did you know that you can choose from over 15 accommodations with one or more eco-labels for your holiday in Ski amadé?

Even without certification, many more hotels pay attention to the sustainable use of the region's resources and independently create environmentally friendly offers for you.

  • Towels and bed linen are only washed upon explicit request.
  • At the buffet, more and more local dishes are being served and regional ingredients are being used more and more in the dishes.  
  • There are fewer and fewer small disposable shampoo bottles, but often only large, refillable ones.

Well connected

3) Tip: Just leave your car behind on holiday and explore Ski amadé with our ski buses

Did you know that the ski buses in Ski amadé are free for all guests with a valid ski pass?

Whether you're out skiing, tobogganing or winter hiking, the well-developed ski bus network is the ideal way to explore the region free of charge and in an environmentally friendly way.

The only requirement: a valid ski pass.

The individual regions are increasingly focusing on sustainability, so there are now electric ski buses in some ski areas.

© David Stocker


4) Tip: Enjoy products from the region at our listed producers or on the regional Enjoyment-Ski-Routes

Did you know that Ski amadé has employed 50,000 workers in the 2020/21 season alone to maintain the slopes?

Although these workers are no bigger than 13 millimetres and no heavier than a bee, well, because they are bees, they make a valuable contribution to maintaining the slopes. The better the slopes are managed in summer, and the better the flora and fauna can develop, the better the quality of the slopes in winter. The ski and wine huts also offer many delicacies from the villages, which means that you are supporting local food production.

We are therefore proud that there are many mountain hut owners in Ski amadé who opt to buy products which have been produced locally. In this way, together with the guests who enjoy these dishes in the huts, we contribute to the sustainable cycle in the region.

Experience a locally produced indulgence

Ski pass purchase

5) Tip: Recharge your KeyCard or Friends Card over and over again – this saves you resources.

Did you know that you can help save resources with your ski pass keycard?

You know it, at the beginning of the winter season you try on your ski jacket and you will find five different ski pass key cards in your pockets. This has long been over in Ski amadé! Because once you have a keycard, you can recharge it again and again via smartphone or PC, completely contactless. This saves you queuing at the cash desk and the many key cards in your jacket pocket.

By the way: Become a member of the my Ski amadé Friends Club and, in addition to your personal Friends Card, which you can also use as a ski pass, benefit from many holiday and ski pass benefits, receive shopping vouchers, discounted ski services from our INTERSPORT Rent partners and free piste rescue (excl. Helicopter rescue).

Deine Friends Card ist Skiticket und Eintritt zu vielen Vorteilen zugleich.

Ski rental

6) Tip: Rent skis, ski boots and ski clothing for you and your family on site

Did you know that the skis from our long-term cooperation partner ATOMIC are manufactured directly in Ski amadé?

Here you will find all the ski rental points in Ski amadé and can experience the "made locally" feeling directly.

Tip: Register now for the my Ski amadé Friends Club and enjoy shopping and ski service benefits in the INTERSPORT Rent shops in Ski amadé. Did you know that you can now also rent ski clothing in the INTERSPORT Rent shops?