Salzburger Sportwelt

Flachauwinkl – Kleinarl

Et meget alsidigt skiområde for sportsglade familier, et mekka for freestyle-snowboardere og freeridere i Europa, og der er fuld fart på i hele sæsonen.


Flachauwinkl - Kleinarl

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Skiløb i Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl

Shuttleberg i Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl er indbegrebet af et vintersportsområde. Her får alle fuld valuta for pengene, masser af aktivitetstilbud, hvor både freestyle-skiløb og familier har højeste prioritet. Med beliggenheden lige ved Tauernmotorvejen når man hurtigt frem til vintersportsparadiset.

Ved Shuttleberg Flachauwinkl – Kleinarl er der fra alle gondoler minimum to pister, to forskellige velpræparerede pister, freeride-pister og tværpassager; derudover er der også de permanente og velholdte indretninger som tidstagningspister, familiepister og "Cross pister".

Områdets Absolut Park har en længde på 1,5 km og er en af de største snowparks i Alperne. Her er alt, hvad en freestyler kan begære; der er en kickerline, en railline, en halfpipe, en superpipe og den specielle jib-park, som gør området til noget helt enestående i Europa! En særlig del af Absolut Park er Burton The Stash Park, en af de fem snowparks i verden, som rider med på økø-bølgen.


Bergbahnen Kleinarl-Flachauwinkl
Höchweg 152
5542 Flachau

+43 6457 2072

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Absolut School – Learn it, stick it, love it

5542 Flachauwinkl telefon +43 6457 2574 210 website   /   E-mail Detaljer

Absolut School is the freeski and freestyle snowboard school of Absolut Park. Of course it also offers classic ski tuition.

Bergbahnen Kleinarl-Flachauwinkl

Höchweg 152, 5542 Flachau telefon +43 6457 2072   /   fax +43 (0)6457 2072-10; +43 (0)6418 275-312 website   /   E-mail

Freeride at Shuttleberg

Höchweg 152, 5542, 5603 Flachau, Kleinarl telefon +43 6457 2072, +43 6418 275 website   /   E-mail Detaljer

Secured off-piste routes


On Shuttleberg Mountain there are some wonderful, secured and signposted off-piste routes.

For your enjoyment especially in fresh powder snow:

• Fürstwand Free Ride – access at the start of the Speed Course
• Powder Free Ride – left and right under the Powder Shuttle
• Champion Black Trail – the right-hand side behind the hayrick Vorderstuhl

Very challenges alternatives which require a good degree of fitness:

• Family Trail – the gully underneath the Family Shuttle
• Absolut Trail – the route under the Absolut Shuttle
• Champion Village Trail – the village descent to Kleinarl via Hinterstuhl

Hotel Guggenberger

Dorf 45, 5603 Kleinarl telefon +43 6418 222   /   fax +43 6418 222 40 website   /   E-mail

Kleinarlerhütte tobogganing run

Kleinarl telefon 06418 / 353; 0043 (0) 664 / 3709977 Detaljer
With its 6,5 kms, the longest toboggan run in Salzburger Sportwelt. From the Kleinarlerhütte down to the village.

Austria Transfer

Stubnergasse 8, 5630 Bad Hofgastein telefon +43 (0) 6432 / 66 22 & +43 (0) 699 / 166 266 05 website   /   E-mail Detaljer

Low-Cost Transfer from Munich or Salzburg Airport to the ski resorts from Ski amadé.


Bad Gastein, Bad Hofgastein, Dorfgastein

Eben, Flachau, St. Johann, Wagrain-Kleinarl



Cross Country


Freestyle Parks

Höchweg 152, 5542, 5603 Flachau, Kleinarl telefon +43 6457 2072, +43 6418 275 website   /   E-mail Detaljer

Two snow parks - a European freestyle Mecca


Over the last few years the Absolut Park has developed into one of the biggest and best known parks in Europe. The more than 100 obstacles are attended to daily by a professional shape crew to ensure perfect conditions for the riders.

The entire park area stretches over a length of over 1.5 km, which is divided into 6 sections and is equipped with an extremely wide and varied range of obstacles. No matter which level, from beginner to pro: The Absolut Park offers everything that the freestyle heart could desire.

With the amazing Superpipe and a 5-kicker line that can truly hold its own in an international comparison, the Absolut Park sets new standards and offers an internationally top level set up. 

The Superpipe since last year is even serviced by its own lift. With a height of 7 metres, it conforms exactly to the dimensions required for X-Games and Olympic Games., but a number of top professionals and European national teams have found this to be the perfect spot with ideal conditions, which is why many of them trained here last year. The Superpipe is kept in perfect shape throughout the season by no less than John Melville, the eminent shaping expert from New Zealand and head shaper of the biggest snowboard contests around the world. Check out for more information.



The Stash is a unique park concept, which is concentrated down to the basics and reduced to the most natural: Namely nature itself featuring elements consisting of snow and wood. This minimalist yet innovative concept was personally initiated by Jake Burton and the snowboard legend Craig Kelly. In accordance with the motto “the woods are the goods”, this is not about flawlessly prepared slopes and obstacles shaped to perfect detail.This is about encouraging the creativity of the riders.

The obstacles in the Stash Park are integrated into the natural environment and can almost always be ridden in numerous ways. The natural terrain additionally offers an incredible number of jib possibilities. The Stash Park has lots of extraordinary obstacles. An enormous backcountry area with countless natural powder jumps, cliffs, windlips combined with the most diverse range of wooden obstacles. This is the ideal place for any shredder who wants to experience the ultimate backcountry and freeride feeling in the safest possible way.

“Lil Stash” provides kids and beginners the ideal terrain to practice in and features wider and easier boxes and rails. This park concept gains an ever-increasing level of popularity.

The numerous hand-carved figures and obstacles in the Stash Park were created by the US American chain saw artist Bob King, who also took over the task of creating the artwork for the four other Stash Parks around the world. The painting in the Stash Cabin was created by the New York artist Scott Lenhardt. Scott has worked for Burton Snowboards for many years and was responsible for a large number of board designs. Check out Burton the Stash here.

Intersport Schneider

5542 Flachauwinkl telefon +43 6452 5479 website   /   E-mail

Relax Area

Höchweg 152, 5542, 5603 Flachau, Kleinarl telefon +43 6457 2072, +43 6418 275, website   /   E-mail Detaljer

A Relax Area on top with great panorama.