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Seducing cuisine

Regional, seasonal, sustainable and high-quality: Those are the attributes that Ski amadé prides itself in when it comes to the cuisine of its five regions. 

Select initiatives are the tasty results – from Ski & Wine enjoyment partner ski huts to enjoyment ski routes and the Highest Farmer's Market in the Alps. The focus is clearly on regional products by local manufacturers.

Rustic hut or stylish mountain restaurant, oven-warm bread with pastured butter or a scrumptious Topfenstrudel with fluffy filling: At various culinary stations, every break turns into a unique experience. No matter how diverse the establishments and delicacies are – authentic enjoyment always takes priority in Ski amadé. Heartfelt hospitality and a strong sense of service quality ensure unforgettable feel-good moments. 

You’d like to find out how Ski amadé tastes? The special offers of TASTE Ski amadé  range from a multitude of enjoyment partners to ski huts and events. Go on a culinary journey of exploration!

Ski & Wine Enjoyment

The flavourful highlight of every winter season: the Ski & Wine Enjoyment Week from March 13 to 20, 2021. Since 2010, Ski amadé invites visitors to a week-long culinary “summit meeting” in the five regions. More than 25 hotels offer special culinary packages featuring the topic of “Ski and Wine Enjoyment”.

Save the date: The Ski & Wine Enjoment Week takes place from March 13 to March 20, 2021

Moments of enjoyment on the mountain

Diverse enjoyment partners in the mountains

Scrumptious dishes and Austrian wines seasoned with lots of charm, that’s Ski amadé’s recipe for success.

Visitors have countless opportunities to experience the highlights of the five regions right on the mountain. A unique symbiosis of sporty fun and culinary delights ensures abundant moments of pleasure and enjoyment for skiers and snowboarders. 

Gourmets have been long-familiar with the initiatives of TASTE Ski amadé – and the 26 certified Ski & Wine partner ski huts are popular destinations for connoisseurs. Select wines and freshly made, regional delicacies: That’s what makes gourmets’ taste buds rejoice! 

Get a culinary overview: Browse the Ski amadé hut guide, partner hotels and the list of official enjoyment partners!

The Highest farmer's market in the Alps in Ski amadé

As part of the Ski & Wine Enjoyment Week, the Highest Farmer's Market of the Alps entices visitors with extraordinary culinary experiences. Since 2015, skiers in the five regions move from booth to booth for a week in March. Cheeses, fruit brandies, jams or teas: Right by the ski huts, local farmers and manufacturers offer their specialties from regional production. Winter sports fans get to try and buy them in between descents – just like at a standard farmers market, only high up in the mountains. 

You’d like to visit this one-of-a-kind farmers market in the mountains? Then go ahead and stop by at the Kreuzkogel in Sportgastein! Because: At 2,700 metres above sea level – at the highest point of of Ski amadé – you’ll find the highest-located booth of all 28 booths.

Fiud your favourite culinary spot

Enjoyment Ski Routes in Ski amadé

If you’d like to get to know the ski resorts and regional delicacies of Ski amadé, you’ve got the opportunity to do so on a total of 14 Enjoyment Ski Routes. They bundle the locals’ best insiders’ tips regarding the topic of enjoyment and pleasure. You’d like to go skiing and experience traditional Austrian ski hut atmosphere? Your ski pass is your entry ticket to winter culinary joy!

By the way: The secret tips and highlights for gourmets can be individually reached by ski or snowboard. That’s because each one of the five regions features at least two culinary ski routes. Every ski resort has its own special delicacies and offers much more than just your average hut dishes. Are you ready to discover your personal culinary highlights? 

Tip: The various Enjoyment Ski Routes and lots of other helpful information can be found in the “Ski amadé Guide” app. Alongside special initiatives, there are a number of local culinary events and offers – not just in winter. All flavour-packed events  at a glance! 

Ski amadé Stories

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The cuisine of Ski amadé

Local and regional

Regional products taste better and are more sustainable than imported foods that were transported across long distances. Based on this philosophy, Ski amadé makes use of its natural circumstances. Where skiers whoosh down the slopes in winter, cows graze on wild herbs and grass in summer. Cheese is made from the fresh and nutritious milk and is later on used in traditional dishes at the huts. A culinary cycle that works perfectly. Especially because people appreciate seasonal and traditional foods from the region. 

Local and regional: a promising combination, which is lived year-round in Ski amadé. 

Ski huts

TASTE Ski amadé – following this motto, get the taste for Austria’s largest skiing organisation in Salzburg and Styria! Look forward to various delicious programmes, initiatives and events, with selected business partners and tours. Culinary and sporty enjoyment are combined into one to make a distinctive variety of tastes. See for yourself and enjoy!

Gault&Millau & Falstaff

Exquisite enjoyment in Ski amadé

In Austria’s largest skiing association, gourmets and fans of Haute Cuisine come together. This is due to the fact that in the five regions of Ski amadé there are also Gault&Millau and Falstaff certified restaurants, as well as the numerous traditional mountain restaurants and ski huts.

In these distinguished establishments, true gourmets can look forward to the diverse range of exquisite dishes on offer and also to the wide selection of excellent wines.

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