The highest farmer's market in the Alps in Ski amadé.
The highest farmer's market in the Alps in Ski amadé.

Programme highlights

Ski amadé Panorama

Best orientation with the panorama with all slopes and lifts in Ski amadé. Everything at a glance!
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Salzburger Sportwelt

Location & Date Products Programme

Schüttalm Kleinarl
14-03 – 21-03-2020

Cushions | fabric covers of all kinds, from the
Keinzel family from Flachau
Ointments | oils | gel and much more from the Mandlberggut
Honey from Flachau
Felt slippers

Market stall with products from local producers

Waldgasthof Flachau
14-03 – 15-03-2020

Schnapps | jam | home produced bread from a
woodfire oven
Game specialities from the butcher Scharfetter
Organic cheese specialties from Nick Rettenbacher
Different kinds of tea from Ernst Kocher

"Rossfeld Musi" and "Nimm zwei" will be providing
some musical entertainment to create a good atmosphere

Berggasthof Bliembauer

Pongauer ‘Nockenkäse’
Blood sausage
Various dumplings
Home-smoked bacon
Various homemade jams
Schnapps from the Ackerl family    

14-03 – 21-03-2020

Bacon | hard-cured sausage
Spreads (Hüttau village butcher's shop)
Cheese (Hinterschartlhof Flachau)
Bread and pastries (Obersüßbauer Eben)
Herbs | tea | spices (Widmoosbauer Wagrain)
Smoked fish and meat | schnapps and liqueurs
Own produced cheese dumplings

21-03 Wine tasting with Alexander Egermann
from Ilmitz, Burgenland

14-03 – 21-03-2020

Bacon | hard-cured sausages (Gumpold Gallus)
Cheese (Wimmer & Pötzelsberger)
Bread from Huberta
Doughnuts | juices | herbs | teas
Homemade schnapps and liqueurs
Handmade products from the region
Healing ointments, drops and creams (Riedingtal)

18-03 ‘Wine meets cheese’
Various daily regional dishes

18-03 & 20-03-2020

Home smoked bacon from the ‘Alpine pig’
Cheese from the Haibenalm
Homemade farmer's bread | pickled vegetables
Curd cheese spreads | farmer's doughnuts

14-03 – 21-03-2020

Products from the Alpaca Alm Kitzsteingut in Wagrain

14-03 – 21-03-2020

Oils | jam | jellies
Honey | herbs | tea | spices
Schnapps | liqueurs

Small market stall with products
from local manufacturers


Location & Date Products Programme

14-03 – 21-03-2020

Cheese | meat | fish from our in-house production
Bread from the Fiedlerhof
Schnapps and liqueurs from Moserhof
Herbal specialities from Ingrid

14-03 – 21-03-2020 Traditional dishes
14-03 Small market stalls + dish of the day
15-03 Farmers' market stalls with exhibitors,
live music, fresh meat ‘doughnuts’
16-03 Small stalls + dish of the day

Gletscherrestaurant Dachstein
14-03 – 21-03-2020

Honey, schnapps | liqueurs from the Mandlberggut
Craft and woodwork | wines from the Masser vineyard

Market stall with products from
local manufacturers


Location & Date Products Programme

Panoramakugel Sportgastein

14-03 – 21-03-2020

Smoked sausage (Schmaranzbauer)
Smoked trout (Moserhof)
Sourdough and rye bread | jams | oils (Der Seehof)
Honey (Beekeeping Schwaiger)
Syrups & juices (Pichler Barbara)
Herbs | tea | spices (Hansi Hansi)
Cheese (Nassfelder Alm)
Schnapps (Wastlingbauern)

Highest farmers market stall located at 2,700 m

Weitmoser Schlossalm
14 & 15-03-2020

Bacon | smoked meat (homemade)
Bread and pastries (Kompberg Bauer)
Honey (Pfundnerbauer)
Cheese (Mitteregg farmer)

14 – 21-03 Special menu designed around the highest
farmers' market in the Alps with live music

Waldgasthof Angertal
14-03 – 21-03-2020

Bacon | hard-cured sausage (Moisesbauer)
Oils | herbs | tea | spices (Mühlhof – Huber)
Bread and pastries | smoked trout | juices (own production)
Cheese (Mitreggbauer, family Stuler)
Schnapps (Wastlinger)
Honey (Beekeeping Michael Schwaiger)

15-03-2020 Wine tasting and farmers' market
from 12 – 5pm
14 – 21-03 Farm products to taste and buy

14-03 – 21-03-2020

Bacon | hard-cured sausage | jams | juices
Cheese and schnapps from own production

‘Game & wine – that is good!’


Location & Date Products Programme

Steinbock Alm
14-03 – 22-03-2020

Bacon | hard sausage | oils | honey | jam
Bread and pastry | herbs | tea | spices
Schnapps & liqueurs

14-03 Live music from 12:30
19-03 Wine tasting
20-03 Ski hut ‘crawl’ in combination with the
highest farmers' market in the Alps
21-03 Live music from 12:30

14-03 – 21-03-2020

Home-made ‘farmer’s doughnuts

No market stall, just dishes from the menu


Bacon | hard-cured sausage | cheese 
Bread | honey | jam | schnapps & liqueurs

Live music with the ‘Almer 6 Musi’ –
ski hut ‘crawl’ in combination with the
highest farmers' market in the Alps

14-03 – 21-03-2020

Game dishes from the Pongau region:
Venison from deer | stag and chamois
Game sausages (Dauerwurst, Landjäger)
Game pâté | venison ham | deer salami
‘Bündner’ from deer | wild sausage spread | wild meat loaf
Game party sausages (Bratwurst, Käsekrainer, Spießerwürstel)
Game white sausages | Wildfrankfurter | Cheese

Daily: Italy meets the Alps – From the Hochkönig to the Adriatic Sea. 
A delicacy trip from the Hochkönig to the Adriatic Sea
with several stops along the way. Accompanied by wines
from Austria and Italy.

22-3-2020 Ski hut ‘crawl’ in combination with the highest
farmers' market in the Alps – game dishes from the Pongau region.

14-03 – 21-03-2020

Cheese | bacon | hard-cured sausages | farmhouse bread 
Juices | schnapps | liqueurs | oils from the Waldangerhof

Products from the Waldangerhof

Tom Almhütte
14-03 – 21-03-2020

Culinary delights at the Tom  Almhütte
Products from BIO-Bauernhof Hatzbauer
Kräuterbua | Onemoos

15-03 Live music ‘Restlguat’ – Music & enjoyment
20-03 Wine tasting with winemaker – winemaker
presentation, DJ & surprise act
14 – 21-03 Market stall with products from
local producers


Location & Date Products Programme


Homemade specialities from the local farmers

15-03 – 20-03-2020

Every day from 11:30 – 15:00

Bacon | hard-cured sausage
sheep's cheese | pastries
Honey | smoked meat & fish
Schnapps and liqueurs
Propolis care products

15-03 Honey specialities from the Stallerhof in Hüttschlag
16-03 Specialities from our own organic farming
17-03 Craftsmanship by Lisi Gratz from Großarl
18-03 Wine tasting from vineyard Lenhard from Lang.
Gift ideas from pine wood from Arler. Natural cosmetics from Grossarl
20-03 Sheep's milk products from the organic dairy cheese farm of Anna & Sepp Kreuzer.
Mitterhub-Großarl and wine tasting with the Lenhard vineyard from Lang