Clever skiing with smart ski goggles

Whoever does not want to miss out on any highlights, needs one thing above all: optimal orientation. Regardless of whether you are looking for the shortest route to a hut, POI's (points of interest), weather information, the slope and lift status, the smart ski goggles from Ski amadé give you a perfect overview. The technology provides all real time ski area information directly in front of your eyes and makes sure that you no longer ski past any nice huts or amazing photo points. Moreover, by using the live navigation, you can take the shortest route: "in 300 m turn right!" states (for the time being) the silent and invisible lady on your goggle lens. 

Together with the "Ski amadé guide" App, this allows you to plan and realise your own plans. Whoever is thinking about leaving behind, annoyingly looking for slopes on the ski map, can try out these smart ski goggles at all 25 Intersport rental facilities. 

Rent Now pre-installed Smart Ski Goggles

An experience you shouldn't miss this season:

You can rent out the new ski goggles (Model Smith IO Recon) in all 25 INTERSPORT Rent Shops in Ski amadé. The rental price is € 19,- per day.

Here you can download the instructions for the Smart Ski Goggles!

Download instructions

Highlights & Features of the Goggles

App Features:

  • Show the distance and provides directions to all points of interest within the Ski amadé region (Attention: all information is in linear distance!)
  • Status of lifts and pistes
  • Current weather information, hourly and daily forecast
  • Configurable to your needs

By downloading this app, the user agrees with the  terms and conditions.

Download smart ski goggles app here:

Download Smart Ski Goggles app

How it works

The mini-computer with the integrated WLAN connection and GPS developed by Recon can be integrated into specific models of various makes of ski goggles. The data from the “Ski amadé Guide” app is displayed on the goggles via the USB connection. 

The Smart Ski Goggles are operated by a small remote control device on the wrist, showing the direction and distance to the next mountain lodge or the next lift – this is even possible in the offline mode. As soon as the goggles have access again to the WLAN, the current weather data as well as lift and piste statuses are also shown.