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Статус # Имя type С искусственным оснежением
Beginner Area Kleinarl 220m 23m

for boarder and skier.

Champion Piste 1300m 419m
3200m 418m
Bubble Piste 2200m 506m
Family Run Kleinarl 3300m 507m
Schüttalm Piste 1300m 294m
Fürstwand Piste 1200m 289m
Powder Piste 1300m 210m
Family Run Powder 1700m 212m
Absolut Piste am Park 1400m 290m
Absolut Piste 800m 264m
Family Run Absolut - Family 4900m 344m
Family Piste 1200m 483m
Family Piste Steilhang 1800m 471m
100m 20m
Sunshine Piste 1500m 278m
Family Run Sunshine 1800m 283m
Beginner Area Flachauwinkl 230m 25m

for boarder and skier

Champion Black Trail 700m 200m
Champion Village Trail 700m 200m
Pistentour Kleinarl 2400m 605m
Cross Run 800m 270m

A selective cross trail runs from just above the Schüttalm down to the Fürstwand lift at the valley station.

Fürstwand Trail 1300m 289m
Panorama Point - Winter Hiking Trail

Winter Hiking Trail to the top of Mooskopf

Powder Trail 1200m 212m
Burton The Stash Flachauwinkl 1500m 212m
Burton Lil Stash Flachauwinkl 250m 37m
Speed Course 300m 70m
Absolut Trail 1100m 290m
Absolut Park 1100m 220m
800m 150m
1100m 200m
1100m 220m
400m 35m
1100m 200m
Family Trail 1300m 471m
Race Piste Flachauwinkl 600m 141m
Rodelbahn Flachauwinkl 3500m 270m
Pistentour Flachauwinkl 5130m 1005m
Статус Название подъёмника type persons Долина Гора
Übungslift Viehof 1 987m 1017m
Beginners Lift 1 990m 1000m
6er-SB Champion Shuttle 6 1000m 1418m
4er-SB Bubble Shuttle 4 1411m 1918m
6 SB Lumberjack Shuttle 6 1272m 1900m
6er-SB Powder Shuttle 6 1713m 1925m
6er SB Absolut Shuttle 6 1654m 1918m
6er-SB Family Shuttle 6 1310m 1793m
6er-SB Sunshine Shuttle 6 1030m 1313m
Übungslift Walchau 1 1024m 1045m
1 1024m 1034m

time of operation

Название подъёмника время работы
Übungslift Viehof 09:00 - 16:00
Beginners Lift 09:00 - 16:00
6er-SB Champion Shuttle 08:45 - 16:15
4er-SB Bubble Shuttle 08:45 - 16:15
6 SB Lumberjack Shuttle 09:00 - 16:15
6er-SB Powder Shuttle 08:45 - 16:15
6er SB Absolut Shuttle 08:45 - 16:15
6er-SB Family Shuttle 08:45 - 16:15
6er-SB Sunshine Shuttle 08:45 - 16:15
Übungslift Walchau 09:00 - 16:00
09:00 - 16:00

The pistes are closed from 17.00 hrs – 08.00 hrs.
Skiing and /or walking on the pistes within this period is forbidden.
Contravening this prohibition releases the lift operator from any liability.

Данные постоянно обновляются. Мы не несём ответственности за полноту и точность информации.