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Salzburger Sportwelt

Отпуск. Горы. И ты. Восхитительные горные пейзажи, естественное очарование 8 деревень и удачная комбинация всемирно известных дистанций Кубка мира, широких склонов для карверов и лыжников-любителей, обозримых спусков для семей с детьми, парков для фристайлеров и сноубордистов - нет никаких причин, чтобы искать что-то другое!


Salzburger Sportwelt

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Горнолыжное катание в Спортивном мире Зальцбургского края

Спортивный мир Зальцбургского края является центром Ski amadé, крупнейшей в Австрии территории горнолыжного удовольствия. У желающих провести здесь полноценный горнолыжный отпуск на выбор имеется 270 канатных дорог и подъёмников. Кроме того, крупные горнолыжные области формата Чемпионата мира, такие, как Альтенмаркт-Цаухензее и Флахау, горнолыжные качели Ваграйн с новым подъёмником G-Link, Санкт-Йоханн-Альпендорф, а также горнолыжные области Радштадт-Альтенмаркт, Фильцмоос, Кляйнарль и Эбен. 

Горнолыжный отпуск с семьёй в Австрии: это возможно в Спортивном мире Зальцбурга! Самостоятельно или при поддержке наших многочисленных лыжных школ – у нас вам гарантируется удовольствие от катания на горных лыжах.

Кикерлайн, рэйлы, халфпайп и Co – никогда о таком не слышали? Но ваши дети точно слышали. Пока они резвятся в сноу-парках Спортивного мира Зальцбурга, вы можете спокойно насладиться великолепными спусками. Горнолыжное веселье для всей семьи – именно это вы найдёте в Спортивном мире Зальцбурга в Австрии.


Salzburger Sportwelt

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Ball'azzo Billiard Pub

Färbergasse 45, 5600 St. Johann tel. +43 6412 7795 website   /   Электронная почта подробности

Play billiards or a game of darts, enjoy a good drink or even come by for dinner. The Ball'azzo Billiard Pub offers everything for a perfect night out.

opening times: Monday: 3 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 2 p.m. – 2 a.m.
Friday and Saturday: 1 p.m. – 4 a.m.
Sunday: 2 p.m. – 8 p.m.

No kitchen on Sunday and Monday!

Dieselkino – Cinema

Bundesstraße 14, 5600 St. Johann tel. +43 6412 41950 website подробности

Watch a hollywood blockbuster movie in one of the 5 modern cinema halls. On some days during the month, movies are played OV (original version). All other movies are in German (synchronized versions).

In addition to the cinema you can find an entertainment area with table football, airhockey, billiard or you can enjoy a drink and have dinner at one of the two restaurants/bars.

opening times: Open daily
Opening hours vary with movie program

Family Park Rosskopf

Zauchensee 28, 5541 Altenmarkt tel. +43 6452 4000   /   fax +43 6452 4085 website   /   Электронная почта подробности

The Familypark Rosskopf in Zauchensee waits with creative set-up - ideal for small and tall rookies to improve the skills to know the snowpark lifestyle. The playground for shred-youngsters is easy reachable with the Rosskopfbahn. kickers for first airtime-experiences, spine and mushroom for jib-action, boxes and other highlights provide for much fun and adventure on two lines.

Freeride at Shuttleberg

Höchweg 152, 5542, 5603 Flachau, Kleinarl tel. +43 6457 2072, +43 6418 275 website   /   Электронная почта подробности

Secured off-piste routes


On Shuttleberg Mountain there are some wonderful, secured and signposted off-piste routes.

For your enjoyment especially in fresh powder snow:

• Fürstwand Free Ride – access at the start of the Speed Course
• Powder Free Ride – left and right under the Powder Shuttle
• Champion Black Trail – the right-hand side behind the hayrick Vorderstuhl

Very challenges alternatives which require a good degree of fitness:

• Family Trail – the gully underneath the Family Shuttle
• Absolut Trail – the route under the Absolut Shuttle
• Champion Village Trail – the village descent to Kleinarl via Hinterstuhl

Horse-drawn carriage ride

5600 St. Johann tel. +43 6412 6036 website   /   Электронная почта подробности

What could be more romantic than a ride in a horse-drawn carriage through the magical winter wonderland that is St. Johann? Let your fairy-tale dreams come true! Whisking through fresh snow with warm blanket around your knees, you will be transported to another time and place. Cherish this extraordinary experience – a horse-drawn carriage ride through our scenic valleys.

There are two providers of horse-drawn carriage rides in St. Johann, please contact them to book a ride (min. one day before):

opening times: by appointment only

Beginner Park

Zauchensee 28, 5541 Altenmarkt tel. +43 6452 4000   /   fax +43 6452 4085 website   /   Электронная почта подробности

On three downhills in the skiarea Zauchensee-Flachauwinkl you can become a ski-superstar: Full speed ahed on the skimovie parallel-slalom and on the skimovie funslope mixed race on Gamskogel and shred down the slope at skimobie giant slalom at Kogelalm! The fun-videos are available for free on your skiline.cc account - to show at home, share and watch all the time.

Easypark Zauchensee

Zauchensee 28, 5541 Altenmarkt tel. +43 6452 4000   /   fax +43 6452 4085 website   /   Электронная почта подробности

The EASY-PARK (Skifreizeitpark) at Übungslift lake - a truly ingenious device for children and adolescents.
Here, the kids can try on the jumps, Slide Blatten, Rainbows etc. in various acrobatic exercises.


Zauchensee 28, 5541 Altenmarkt tel. +43 6452 4000   /   fax +43 6452 4085 website   /   Электронная почта подробности

The Fichtel country on Hochbifang in Altenmarkt
On the Altenmarkt side of the Radstadt / Altenmarkt there on Hochbifang a unique forest with very special trees. In this forest grow namely spruces with extraordinary abilities! Every year in winter the spruce throw their Fichtenzapfen on the forest floor, and from some of these pins there are formed small creatures that exist only in this forest in Altenmarkt: the Fichtel!

Hahnbaum toboggan run

Premweg 8, 5600 St. Johann tel. +43 6412 6036 website   /   Электронная почта подробности

The toboggan is one of the oldest pieces of winter sports equipment in the Alps – quite simply, it’s a classic. To this day, it remains a source of infinite enjoyment for young and old alike, with countless natural and man-made runs throughout Salzburg’s many valleys.

Start: Hahnbaumalm Restaurant (altitude approx. 1.100m)
Finish: city center of Sankt Johann (altitude approx. 650m)

Easy access to the start via the Hahnbaum double chair lift. The chair is open until 4pm, later ascents possible by taxi (approx. €35.00 one way for up to 8 pax, tariff will vary according to the meter).

Kindergarten for guests at Filzmoos Ski School

Filzmoos подробности

Your little ones are well looked after and lovingly cared for in the spaciously designed kindergarten. A trained nursery-school teacher takes care of the ski midgets. (from 2 1/2 years or from no-nappy age)
Ski schools: Ski School Filzmoos, Ski School Bögei, Ski School Exklusiv