Als Abwechslung neben den Abfahrten auf den bestens präperierten Pisten, versuchen Sie sich auch auf den zahlreichen Langlaufloipen im Gasteinertal in Ski amadé.
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Cross-country skiing in Ski amadé

Extremely well-prepared cross-country pistes measuring 714 kilometres in total are waiting for you throughout the winter.

Cross-country skiing on 714 km of pistes

Cross-country skiing in Ski amadé is a far-reaching pleasure. The extremely well-prepared cross-country pistes extend over an area of 714 km through the amazingly beautiful mountain landscape. Against this unique background, not only can you improve your own physical fitness, you can also enjoy the magnificent winter backdrop. The effect will make itself felt immediately. Treat yourself to this fantastic experience and become one with nature and your own movements.

Cross-country skiing is the ideal endurance and wellness sport. In Ski amadé, beginners and those in the early stages will find perfect conditions, as will the real experts. If you like the idea of trying on some cross-country skis, you can find the appropriate equipment at one of the many outlets hiring out cross-country equipment in the region. Special cross-country classes allow you to learn the basic techniques quickly. Advanced cross-country skiers will benefit from experienced instructors who will initiate you into the subtleties of this wonderful sport.

Our Cross country recommendations

Cross-country network Gröbminger Land

Gröbming website Details
A network of trails, over 40 kms, in the Gröbming region, with a fairytale loipe on the Mitterberg and free access. Every Thursday afternoon a Wellness trainer shows you "Vitality through the winter" and gives valuable tips on nutrition and the right way to exercise. Info and registration at the tourist office in Gröbming.

Cross-country trail in Pichl-Vorberg

TV Svhladming, 8973 Schladming tel. +43 3687 22 777 22 website   /   e-mail Details
10 km long cross-country loipe in Pichl-Vorberg connecting with the loipe network of Ramsau (total length over 150 km)

Cross-country trails "Untere & Obere Klaus"

Schladming Details
approx. 20 kms cross-country trails - in good snow conditions, in the area of Schladming's two districts "Untere & Obere Klaus".

Cross-country trails in Goldegg

Hofmark 18, 5622 Goldegg tel. +43 8131 website   /   e-mail Details

In winter the countryside is especially well suited for pursuing the sport of cross-country skiing. The 45 kms on extensively laid out and extremely well-groomed loipes of Salzburg's Sun Terrace (7 kms with snow-making), guarantee an unforgettable cross-country experience. 

Cross-country trails in Sankt Johann-Alpendorf

5600 Sankt Johann im Pongau tel. +43 6412 6036 website   /   e-mail Details

In Sankt Johann-Alpendorf there are two well-groomed trails at your disposal.

  • Plankenau Loipe: 6.2 kms (intermediate)
  • Alpendorf Loipe: 4 kms (intermediate)

You can find a third cross country trail on the mountain, directly situated next to the top station of the Alpendorf gondola (2,2 km - intermediate)

cross-country skiing in Ramsau

8972 Ramsau am Dachstein tel. +43 3687 81833 website   /   e-mail

Cross-country trails

Stadtplatz 17, 5550 Radstadt tel. +43 6452 7472 0   /   fax +43 6452 6702 website   /   e-mail Details

The home of great cross-country skiers Walter Mayer and Alois Stadlober provides 200 kms of perfectly groomed loipes within the Alliance - for skaters and classic.

Cross-country trails in Eben

Eben Details
10 km local cross-country trail, connecting to the 90 km Tauernloipe

Cross-country trails in Haus

8967 Haus im Ennstal tel. +43 (0) 3686 22 34   /   fax +43 (0) 3686 22 34 4 website   /   e-mail Details

Cross-country skiing

According to snow and weather conditions, you can choose from a great offer of cross-country trails. Along the river Enns or the "Dörferlanglaufloipe" Haus-Aich-Pruggern, the " Kufsteinloipe" in Weißenbach, or the "Sonnenloipe" in Birnberg, both classic and skating runners will enjoy it to the full.

Photo Copy: Steiermark Tourismus

opening times: During the winter, if the snow conditions does it allow!

Cross-country trails in Wagrain and vicinity

Sport Obermoser, Markt 2, 5602 Wagrain Details

A direct connection to the Tauern loipe - leading for 50 kms through mainly easy, colourful terrain, e.g.: from Wagrain 12 kms (one stretch) hiking loipe to Kleinarl and into the Jägersee nature preserve. More information from Sport Obermoser

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