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10 tips for a low budget ski holiday – singles, couples, empty nesters, best ager edition – PART 1

1) pre-season

There is always plenty of space on the wide slopes of Ski amadé, but if you have the privilege, that you can go on vacation independently of the school holidays, then for god sage – do it! You’d avoid traffic jams on the motorway, can enjoy wide and almost empty slopes and most importantly: it is way cheaper than during the main holiday periods over Christmas or in February. I’d recommend to go before Christmas, that’s such a good time, trust me. And in January and from March, you will not only have more holiday feeling, but also lower costs! 😊

Enjoying the sun during sunshine skiing in Ski amadé

2) Ladies and gentlemen

No, that's not Mambo No. 5 – that's the Ladies Week! And before anyone takes a breath to tell me something about gender equality, save our dear nature the oxygen, because everyone is welcome in Ladies Week: couples of all genders, best or not-so-best friends, and for us gentlemen – a best buddy sports trip.

The decisive factor is that you come as a couple, then the price will also drop down: You buy 7 nights in one of the participating establishments + 1x 6-day ski pass and then you get a 6-day ski pass for free on top of that. And in line with the theme, there is also a colorful supporting program in each ski amadé area, where men equal women can be sure to have fun.

3) Best Ager Week

Are you 60years old and still sportive active? Then I won't sell you pain ointment, but tell you that before Christmas and from March 25th to 1st of April you’ll get a free 6-day ski pass if you book 7 nights in a participating establishment in Ski amadé.

And since you not only appreciate good slopes, but also excellent food, you get pleasure ski guiding on top of that – you get to know the best huts and mountain restaurants in Ski amadé and can use your knowledge to provide for the whole family.

4) Be the earliest of the birds

And not only with the early bird offers from Ski amadé on the slopes, but before the fam or friends even get into the car. As a family, you are professionals when it comes to booking early – the dates for vacations are fixed, so are vacations for the parents and that allows you to book your ski pass earlier than anyone else. Use this and check out Ski amadé's new Online Early Booking System. Here you can get really cheap tickets for your holiday. The credo: the earlier you get there, the cheaper it is.

5) The arrival

By car, of course, right? Why not switch to the train? Because it might be a lot cheaper. All Austrians who use the climate ticket for work anyway can travel to the ski area free of charge. Because many ski areas in Ski amadé like Gastein, St. Johann or Schladming are well connected to public transport.

Either rent ski equipment on site or store it in the spacious compartments, no problem. For those who do not have the climate ticket, there are inexpensive travel options from Vienna via Linz directly to Ski amadé with the ÖBB holiday express and the Deutsche Bahn also offers relaxed direct travel options to the ski areas. Just try it out, avoid stress and traffic jams, do something good for the environment and at the same time travel really cheap! 😊

To be continued with more tips to save money next week ;)

Berni Bernegger

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