• Are you graving for some summer vibes already, too? 

    Have you ever had that in the beautiful Ski amadé ,ountains? Feeling the summer under your feet, lying in the green grass, the clear wind around your forehead and the blue sky as a view. With the Ski amadé summer lifts you beam yourself...
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  • Natural snow: A pearl in Ski amadé

    The special thing about natural snow areas is the feeling of skiing on natural snow. There are few pearls that can do without snow cannons. One of these pearls is in Ski amadé: It is a ski area in Mühlbach am Hochkönig and is called...
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  • Snowboarding saved skiing: Peter Radacher explains.

    One man, one great passion. Peter (aka Pez) Radacher is the founder of the snowboard museum in the Hochkönig region. In 2002/2003 he started this project out of a great personal passion, which is snowboarding.
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  • You meet these 9 types of skiers on our slopes

    There are many good reasons why you want to spend as much time as possible on your beloved skis in Ski amadé. Clear, fresh air and the fantastic panorama of snow-covered peaks and forests are simply part of skiing. Not only is it fun, it also keeps...
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  • Fail! 😃 6 wrong ways to carry the skis (and one correct one)

    Handling the skis while driving seems quite simple-put on your ski shoes, connect to the binding and let’s go. On the other side you will find various ways of carrying the winter sport gear. Inexperienced skiers are often identified in the...
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  • Semester break – and now?

    As soon as the Christmas holidays are over, the stressful school work starts because "we still have to collect grades" and BÄM the semester break is here again. A short week to breathe between all the hustle and bustle. But what to do in one week?...
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  • 5 ways to make your holiday in Ski amadé more sustainable

    Would you like to enjoy your skiing holiday and at the same time take care of the environment? That's not a problem at all! Skiing holidays and sustainability should not be mutually exclusive, but should rather go hand in hand. How exactly is that...
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  • You live and learn

    It’s a miracle why you can hardly find a local skiers in the care of ski instructors. The reason why is not even clear to the big boss of 155 Salzburg ski schools, the entrepreneur Gerhard Sint from St. Johann: 
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    Skiing in Ski amadé - Austria's greatest ski paradise
  • Enjoy the best skiing in the beautiful alpine landscapes of Ski amadé

    This is an environmentally friendly and comfy way to go on a skiing holiday

    Thanks to the cohesion of many smaller companies in Ski amadé, our homeland is constantly being promoted and developed. Guests can look forward to a unique variety of experiences with 760 perfectly groomed kilometers of slopes, excellent hosts and...
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