• Enjoying beautiful alpine landscapes while skiing in Ski amadé

    50 shades of snow

    There aren't that many, but there are many different kinds of snow! There are countless types and every skier or snowboarder has his or her favorites. Even for the inexperienced eye, the difference between powder, cardboard and wet snow is...
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  • Ski Lift Nostalgia: The T-bar Lift

    Today, you can go by G-link, gondola or by chair – with heating, a panoramic view and background music. The T-bar lift has almost disappeared from the scene. A pity really! Fortunately, there are still a few exceptions in Ski amadé: whether in...
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  • Far away from everyday life, on top of the world at home

    Where are you with your thoughts at the moment? Longing for a deep snow-covered mountain slope with skis on your feet in Ski amadé, the next project at work or cleaning the kitchen, which is still so messy after cooking.
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  • How to make your board shine in 5 steps

    Washing your own board is a big part of being a snowboarder and has many benefits that guarantee your snowboard will love you. Not only does it even out cracks and bumps, it also makes the snowboard ride smoother. You should wash your board at the...
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  • The 5 most important criteria when choosing the perfect snowboard

    Whether you're a beginner or advanced, finding the right snowboard can be very confusing. That is why I have summarised the essentials in 5 steps for you!
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  • A slightly different season

    It was pretty clear to everyone, that this winter season start will be different to the the ones before. Just in time for Christmas, on December 24th, the ski areas started the winter season, and the time of the deeply snow-covered slopes and...
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  • 8 Xmas Gift Tips

    It is the same every year, Christmas comes around very quickly, and before you know it, it is the 24th of December! However, there is still time to write or to rewrite your letter to Father Christmas or to let our gift ideas for your friends and...
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  • Feel the "flow" on the slopes

    Clear, fresh air and the fantastic panorama of snow-covered peaks and forests. Who hasn't dreamt of this perfect backdrop in the mountains and wants to get their skis out of the cellar right away for the first turns in the snow? Skiing is not only...
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  • Enjoying the sun during sunshine skiing in Ski amadé

    How and where you can find calmness once again

    Have you ever sought tranquillity? In your everyday life, in a situation, with a person, in this life? If your answer is YES, then you are already on the right path to finding calmness.
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