Toni Höllwart

Mein Name ist Toni und Wintersport hatte immer schon einen hohen Stellenwert in meinen Leben. Habe einen Bachelor in Sportwissenschaften und bin parallel zum Studium National Team Trainer des Österreichischen Ski Freestyle Teams.

  • Enjoying beautiful alpine landscapes while skiing in Ski amadé

    50 shades of snow

    There aren't that many, but there are many different kinds of snow! There are countless types and every skier or snowboarder has his or her favorites. Even for the inexperienced eye, the difference between powder, cardboard and wet snow is...
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  • Richtig aufgewärmt auf die Piste

    Um verletzungsfrei durch die Skisaison zu kommen und den Winter perfekt nutzen zu können, gehört das richtige Auswärmen vor dem Anschnallen der Ski dazu. Denn trotz regelmäßiger sportlicher Betätigung, übt Skifahren eine außergewöhnliche...
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    Enjoy the best skiing in the beautiful alpine landscapes of Ski amadé
  • A little bit of Freestyle 1x1

    The sport of Freestyle has gained popularity over the last few years, especially amongst the younger sports enthusiasts. This is certainly largely down to the fact that the lifestyle, which goes hand in hand with this sport, is portrayed as very...
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  • The Freestyle Discipline

    For many Boarders and Freestylers, the 10 Snowparks are the preferred locations in Ski amadé. With their creative set ups, they all make it into the rankings of the top Snowparks in the Alps. For example the Absolut Park in the Ski amadé region...
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  • Fun and great conditions on the perfectly groomed slopes in Ski amadé

    5 things you should do before the start of the ski season

    Who does not know this feeling: the first snowflakes fall, the mountains become white and the anticipation of the new season increases immensely. However, there are still some things to be done before the first skiing day comes along, so that...
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