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  • After skiing is before skiing: How to regenerate the best

    Regeneration? Why do you need it when skiing? I'll expand a bit on this and then we'll delve into my special field of sports science.
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  • Vitamin C – A Power boost for winter

    Vitamin C is nothing new to anyone who is concerned with healthy nutrition. Those who do not deal with it have at least heard about it. Vitamin C is present in many foods. In winter, it is worthwhile to focus on it.
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  • The #fit4skiamade Challenge

    A day of skiing usually requires a lot of strength and a body that is as fit as possible – the better prepared, the more fun you will have on the slopes. In order to optimally prepare your body for the skiing winter, I have prepared a fitness...
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  • With these 3 powerhouses we will stay fit together

    Wow, it's really not an easy situation. Many of us are in lockdown, but for the sake of physical and mental health one should definitely soak up the sunshine and use them for sporting activities in the fresh air. Anyone who thinks they won't need...
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  • Fun and great conditions on the perfectly groomed slopes in Ski amadé

    Tips for the perfect carving turn

    “Only the professionals can carve” – ”I can’t do it anyway”…..The time when these sayings were the truth, belong long ago in the past. Carving is the essence of the current ski technique. This involves, skiing on the edges of your...
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  • Richtig aufgewärmt auf die Piste

    Um verletzungsfrei durch die Skisaison zu kommen und den Winter perfekt nutzen zu können, gehört das richtige Auswärmen vor dem Anschnallen der Ski dazu. Denn trotz regelmäßiger sportlicher Betätigung, übt Skifahren eine außergewöhnliche...
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    Enjoy the best skiing in the beautiful alpine landscapes of Ski amadé
  • Best facilities and slopes for kids in Ski amadé

    Helping Your Child Cope With Ski Sickness

    Skiing is a great winter activity for adults and children alike. However, certain factors, such as ski sickness, can put a damper on all the fun. Research from the Sports Medicine Research Center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences...
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  • This is how to make your ski day in Ski amadé a pleasure for both your body and soul

    New year, new happiness! Many people want to start the fight against the Christmas kilos after so much indulgence. What could be better for talented winter sports fans than some intensive ski sessions? Moreover, it is also possible to burn the...
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  • Fit for the new ski season with outdoor dry training

    Every year I'm surprised by what emotions the first snow can trigger. On the one hand, I enjoy the silence and cosiness, on the other hand I have to get a grip on my impatience in order not to jump outside and get my skis on immediately. Your skiing...
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