Christian Voggenberger

Sports enthusiast describes Christian best. He spends every free moment exercising, preferably in the fresh air. In winter, skiing is all he needs for that! His motto: Up high and steep downhill!

  • The perfect ski tour for approx. 2 hours in Dorfgastein

    Ski tours are becoming more and more popular. The real enthusiast would prefer to enjoy them in open terrain and with fantastic powder snow. Unfortunately, these conditions are often not available or the route in open terrain is too dangerous. Ski...
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  • Royal views on the piste tour in the Hochkönig region

    If there isn't much snow or if you want to try out ski touring as a beginner, the piste touring routes are perfect for this. Top ascent tracks combined with the perfect pistes (which are unrivalled in Ski amadé) unite two great sports. I travelled...
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  • 6 sensational places in Snow Space Salzburg

    For a city trip, it's quite normal to look for the must-sees in the respective city, but are there also "must-sees" in a ski resort? Definitely in Ski amadé. I'll show you how you can easily find the most beautiful places. Guaranteed are not only...
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  • Ski and snowboard alternatives in Ski amadé

    You enjoy the winter and like to be in nature during this time? Are you athletic but don't want to or can't ski or snowboard? Luckily, you can do all kinds of winter sports in the five regions of Ski amadé! I'll show you what wonderful sports...
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    Fun in the snow - tobogganing in Ski amadé
  • Saving money while skiing - is that even possible?

    The price increases in all areas are affecting all of us and unfortunately are also affecting skiing. In order to still be able to spend wonderful and snowy winter days on the piste and achieve maximum skiing enjoyment, we have the top 6 insider...
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  • Ski amadé fun factor

    As an enthusiastic skier, you like to step on the gas, preferably to have the whole slope to yourself and make fast, long turns. Especially in the high season, such wishes are more like dreams. You can find out here how to get the ultimate...
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    Freestyle skiing and snowboarding in the snowparks of Ski amadé - Rookie Of The Year Matej Svancer
  • Experiment: Snowboarding instead of skiing – two become one!

    For years I spent the winters with my skis on the slopes. In all weather conditions, snow conditions and at different times of the year. Classic skiers are known to be annoyed by all kinds of other piste users, but in my case especially by...
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  • Piste tour routes in Ski amadé

    Those winter sports enthusiasts who have a fascination for both, skiing and ski touring, often experience a situation that is not so easy in winter. Do I go skiing, or do I prefer a tour? Ski amadé now makes it easy for us. From this season there...
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  • Modern ski lifts and perfect ski slopes in Ski amadé

    Safety first - safety on the slopes

    The winter season is already in full swing. But before we make the next turns in the white gold, we should give some thought to safety on and off the slopes.
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  • Blueberry yeast dumplings – make them yourself

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