• Walking, hiking and mountainbiking on the mountain during summer time with Ski amadé summer lifts

    Healthy snacks on the mountain

    When the body calls for energy, all the ingredients should be at hand for optimal nutrition while hiking on the mountain. And anyone who has ever done an extensive hiking tour of 3-4 hours or longer knows the good feeling of having packed a valuable...
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  • My meadow is my castle

    The snow has already melted from the piste and nature is now slowly peeling itself out of the last remaining snowy blankets high up on the mountain. She is getting ready for all kinds of guest, animal and human ones ? During summer the alpine...
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    Culinary enjoyment in summer with regional specialties on the mountain huts in Ski amadé
  • Kaspressknödel auf Salat | © A_Lein

    “Kaspressknödel” Cheese dumplings – made easy! (and vegan)

    Us locals are really lucky this winter, because we are the few who are actually allowed to explore the mountains on skis and snowboards this winter. In order to bring a little bit of skiing pleasure home to everyone, I would like to show you a (very...
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  • The 15 most popular ski hut drinks for your happy sunshine hours

    Sun skiing is also TASTE Ski amadé time. Since we’re all not able to indulge our heart and soul with food and drinks on the terraces of the ski huts this winter, we thought about bringing our liquid favorites home to your sunny terraces and...
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    Ski and wine enjoyment for gourmets on the ski huts in Ski amadé
  • Carnival donuts

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  • The Dumpling

    Also known as “Kloß” in German. “Knödel” (dumpling) is an extremely popular side dish in typical Austrian home cooking. For a long time, it was also on the menu of a renowned St. Johann restaurant as a main course, simply gratinated with...
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  • A day in the life of a steamed yeast dumpling

    This is going to be a great day thinks the Germknödel to itself. The sun is shining, there is fresh powder snow, there is a great mood in the kitchen and the smell of freshly prepared dishes fills the air. Even now for the Germknödel it is time.
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  • 5 hut classics that let you yodel

    Which dishes do you prefer to order at the hut? Hearty or light? Modern or traditional? No matter what you choose - one thing is certain: for skiing (or snowboarding ;) you need a lot of energy and that is why an extended cozy lunch break at the hut...
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    TASTE Ski amadé - the finest flavour from the Austrian mountains in cozy mountain huts
  • A Cheesy Affair – Two of my favourite ski hut recipes

    What is the best thing about the winter season? That is correct: stopping off at a ski hut. Because, here the melted cheese stretches and stretches, the chips are ever so crispy and the Germknödel (steamed yeast dumpling) tastes so light and...
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