Oliver Seuffer-Wasserthal

Das ist Olli, 33 Jahre, Neo-Pongauer und lebt in St. Johann. Im Winter verbringt er jede freie Minute auf der Piste. Wenn er gerade nicht auf den Skiern stehe, arbeite er bei dm drogerie markt im Bereich Digitale Medien oder ist weit weit weg. Was Olli mag: Sonne, Fotos, Blau, Nebensaison, Kochen. Was er nicht mag: Frühnebel, Warten, Kälte, Obstler, überfüllte Pisten.
  • What does an iron have to do with skiing?

    “I myself am a skier,“ I thought to myself and tried for the very first time to wax my skis by myself. What else you need (apart from an old iron) and how I went about it, is here for you to read about now.
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  • 5 tips to prolong the the life of your skis

    I am not one of those people, who clips into the latest pair of skis every year. If I find a pair of skis, which I really like, then I ski on them for at least a couple of years. Provided that they stay in tip-top condition and this where the right...
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    Skiing and insurance

    Properly insured? An interview with expert Katrin Eschelmüller from Allianz insurance. Properly insured? An interview with expert Katrin Eschelmüller from Allianz insurance. It is a sensitive issue, but an important one. Where sport is...
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  • A skiday for those making a comeback on skis

    It was in 2007 that I got back on skis again, after a ten year break. With an old, well-known phased-out pair of skis, a not so trendy outfit, a great deal of uncertainty and ski enthusiastic friends, I started my descent downhill, in the truest...
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  • 6 gadgets which fit in your ski jacket

    For skiing, you only really need a pair of skis, poles, a helmet, boots, gloves, a jacket and a pair of ski trousers. That is true! But maybe not quite. In my case, it is actually six other things which you need on the slopes...
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  • Top 9 skilift queuing tips

    Patience is a virtue. That is true – especially as a skier during peak season, you are blessed if you have this characteristic. Unfortunately, this is not one of my strengths, but I still do like to go skiing.  The modern ski lifts are pretty...
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  • This helps when you have sore muscles!

    5 tips, which will help soothe and revitalise your muscles after skiing. The first days on skis are always the hardest for me and my thighs.
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