Michael Hoffmann

Der rasende Reporter Michael Hoffmann tauscht diesen Winter seinen Redaktionsstuhl gegen Pistenspass und hat vor viel spannendes für uns zu entdecken.

  • The confession

    In November I had already brought my skis to be serviced – to the astonishment of the local sporting goods retailer I trust: “But you're early” – he said. After the Corona year 2020, the anticipation for the ski season was just huge. 
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  • Ski Lift Nostalgia: The T-bar Lift

    Today, you can go by G-link, gondola or by chair – with heating, a panoramic view and background music. The T-bar lift has almost disappeared from the scene. A pity really! Fortunately, there are still a few exceptions in Ski amadé: whether in...
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  • Der Germi gewinnt immer

    Auto gepackt mit Skier, Stöcken, Schuhe, Helm und alles was sonst zu einem schönen Skitag dazugehört. Rasch erreiche ich den Liftparkplatz, die Einstiegstelle, die Piste. Dieses wunderbare Gefühl, über die bestens präparierten Hänge in Ski...
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  • Ski vs. sea: Getting in the mood for skiing in winter

    There was no escape – that was how the holiday schedule was to be: no trip in the autumn in the mobile home. But instead 6 weeks at the start of winter, a road trip to Morocco in our very own moveable “home”. Here, we are joining the German...
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