Michael Hoffmann

The confession

In November I had already brought my skis to be serviced – to the astonishment of the local sporting goods retailer I trust: “But you're early” – he said. After the Corona year 2020, the anticipation for the ski season was just huge. 

Then came winter – and the umpteenth lockdown.

For decades I was an avid skier on the slopes of Ski amadé – and now. Where was the fire?

The message that despite the difficult tourist situation, many lifts are in operation, the slope conditions are great, the sun is shining – nothing really helped. The idea of having to swing past the rustic huts – tormented me too much. No stopping off, no break, no chat with the hosts? I had to admit that in the past (tenth) years I was more of a leisurely gourmet skier than a kilometer-guzzling alpine skier.

Enjoy a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, a hunter's tea in the sun ... the legendary yeast dumplings, the Bernerwürstl or the grill steak ... none of that should be. I went cross-country skiing, going for a walk – I completely renounced my beloved skiing pleasure when I was drawn to the ski huts in Ski amadé and then they were locked.

The snack from the backpack – no, I won't even start. I would rather look forward to the start of the 2021 season in a few months. My skis are then already prepared and in my mind I have often enough gone through all the menus of my favorite huts. 
Thank you to everyone who made skiing possible in the strange Corona winter. You deserve applause! But skiing without a pit stop – for me it's like ... Oh, forget it.

Michael Hoffmann

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